NSMBU gets an 9/10

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User Info: Linetrix

4 years ago#61
Wasn't that what you were complaining about for the bloody Wii U?

Advertising? No.


You do know English is the only accepted language in GameFAQs, right? Learn it first.

No you sidestepped what i was saying about you saying the Wii U was a ripoff crossplay.

Except I didn't. We had this discussion before and you simply couldn't prove I'm wrong. It ended up with you whining, like always.
It doesn't matter the additional notes say opinions aren't trolling. The Notes are wrong and your opinion is trolling - GameFAQs moderation

User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#62
But then, we know Linetroll will never prove any claims he makes...
SoE posted: I'm not a being a rabid fanboy of one console when I ruthlessly defend the Vita
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