Super Mario Bros 4

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User Info: Jobocan

4 years ago#51
And the award for dumbest topic of the day goes to... THIS ONE!
Good job AXKSION! - My Collection

User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#52
AXKSION posted...
Foppe posted...
That does not change the fact that Super Mario World was released as Super Mario Bros 4 in Japan.

Again, want to read what that title says?

It does not say 'Super Mario Bros 4', it says: 'Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros 4'.

Super Mario Bros 4 did not come out 20 years ago; it has never released in Japan nor anywhere else in the world, period.

By this logic, Ocarina of Time has never been released. The game is titled The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Therefore, by this logic, it is reasonable to say that OoT has never been released anywhere in the world.

User Info: lightningbugx

4 years ago#53
Just remember, AXKSION, denial is the first step. I look forward to when you start bargaining.

User Info: silenthill4vid

4 years ago#54
Foppe posted...
They already released SMB4.
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User Info: gumbyxcore99

4 years ago#55
definitely already a super mario bros 4

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#56
ZBug_ posted...
Overseas there is no super Mario bros 4. Just cause Japan calls it that doesn't mean it's called that everywhere else too (see SMB2).
So we can get a SMB4 and Japan can call it SMB5.
Nice try fanboys but your blind defending leaves flaws in your arguments.

It still possible that a Super Mario Bros. 4 game could exist in the eye of the NA gamers who knew nothing about SMB4 and SMW. Though this decision could only be made by Nintendo and if they are willing to go back to the old ways of naming their titles. An HD original Super Mario Bros. 4 for WiiWare on Wii U would be awesome though, it could be called Super Mario something for Japan and just stick the 4 in there for everyone else.

User Info: Aether Knight

Aether Knight
4 years ago#57
...It has always been "Super Mario World ; Super Mario Bros. 4" or "Super Mario Bros. 4 ; Super Mario World. (Depending on how you perceive the title screen) They simply dropped the "SMB4" from the title when it was ported here (USA) back in '91. (Even the USA commercial briefly ADVERTISED it as SMB4 Super Mario World...but whatever)

Look at it this way ; If NoJ ever decides to go back to it's numbering system for Mario games (highly unlikely) The next game in the series will be called Super Mario Bros. 5. (Which of course will make the TC's head explode...heh) Why? Because there was already
a #4 in the series. Remember these games are generally released in JAPAN first, not the USA/Europe. If indeed there was a SMB5, the TC would more than likely be stuck in an endless loop "Where is SMB4?...I want my SMB4"...which is fine. The rest of us have moved on...

It seems the TC disregards the Japanese title of the game altogether and decides the USA name of the game is the be all, end all title. Where in fact it should be ; Japanese title...THEN...trickled down/edited/cut off USA title...
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User Info: Steffard

4 years ago#58
I wish they'd just call NSMBU "Super Mario Bros. U" and drop the whole "New" adjective. NSMB is from 2006, it's hardly new anymore.
Plus, calling it Super Mario Bros. U would make it feel like a more 'worthy' Mario game somehow, if you know what I mean.
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