does anyone see this failing as a gaming console like the wii did?

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User Info: Seca Verins

Seca Verins
5 years ago#41
Enigma149 posted...
Seca Verins posted...
YamiYugi4400 posted...
Seca Verins posted...
Only "hardcore gamers", AKA the type of neckbeards who think there's any distinction between "casual" and "core" gaming, actually think the Wii "failed". The Wii is easily the most prolific and successful gaming console since the PS1, maybe even since the NES. It didn't "fail" because you've arbitrarily decided you don't like that women and adults with jobs (two types of human beings you'd previously only heard of in legend) happen to also enjoy some games on that console.

Whew. I'm beginning to suspect that hearing this idiotic rhetoric about the Wii has left me an angry husk of a being.

Using the word neckbeard automatically invalidates your opinion

Evidently I should in the future use a nicer word to refer to people who separate themselves from other gamers by constructing artificial barriers. I'm curious what that word should be, because "people who separate themselves from anyone unlike themselves by creating an arbitrary distinction based on ill-defined criteria" takes a long time to say, and you'd likely all get a slightly higher amount of mad if I used the more accurate term, which is "bigot".

Yes, you should have opened with "bigot".

Your main argument is correct and you raise some very good points. Most of the people "arguing" against you are doing so in a way that allows them to simply point out minor nuances of your own posts instead of actually making counterarguments of their own. Yet when you leave them an obvious opening, like calling a group of people you don't like "neckbeards", a term which, by the way, doesn't even make any sense...

The chinstrap beard or "neckbeard" is a type of facial hair that extends from the hair line of one side of the face to the... leads to an entire topic of, "well, you did one thing wrong, so your opinion is invalid," regardless of the validity of any of your arguments or other posts. Opening with "bigot", on the other hand, does not necessarily allow you to evade all criticism, but does require your opponents to, at the very least, prove that the people you are describing are not bigots.

Yeah, I think you're completely right. Ironically, I didn't use "bigot" at the start because I thought it was too harsh of a word, but clearly that was a bit of a mistake. Gaming culture traditionally doesn't respond well to claims of bigotry.

For the record, at least where I'm from "neckbeard" is a term used to refer to a specific type of gamer/nerd (I use the word "nerd" not at all disparagingly) who actively antagonizes other gamers/nerds over very arbitrary nuances of their hobby. Like a Yu-Gi-Oh player who thinks he's objectively better than a Magic: The Gathering player, for instance. I'm not sure where the connotation with the facial hair style actually comes from. I think "nerds" conventionally grow that style, maybe? Hell, my facial hair might qualify...either way, yeah, probably the wrong word to use, but I kind of expected people to pick up on the context better (which was silly of me. I've had similar issues trying to argue points on the Pen and Paper RPG board here).


User Info: Reedeemer

5 years ago#42
Good benchmark for graphics, plenty of controller options, 3rd party support, going digital.

Nintendo is finally in HD, not much more needs to be said.

I imagine Micro and Sony will try to make something completely new to leave Nintendo behind again like last gen, but graphically not much new can be done without increasing their prices ridiculously (Sony :P) and Microsoft, well I don't see them as a problem tbh, they have what-- Kinect 2 coming out soon, thats a good sign... :| I hope they don't make some bad gimmicks to try and keep up with Ninty's innovation, per say.
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User Info: niels200683

5 years ago#43
I disagree with the point the wii failed in any way.

The wii is great, I have more games for it than on Gamecube or PS2 (although not more than on my PS3).

I only buy real games, not casual partygame stuff with the exception of mario party and warioware...

The wii has soooo much bad games, but also A LOT of great ones.

Not just Mario galaxy and Xenoblades, but also the best version of RE4, RE chronicles, Madworld, Donkey Kong Country, Sin & Punishment 2, A boy and his blob, Another Code R, Broken Sword Directors Cut, Best version of Bully around (Xbox version was buggy and unstable), Cursed Mountain, Deadly creatures, Epic Mickey, Punch out!, Endless Ocean 1+2, Excite Truck, Excite Bots, Fire emblem: Radiant dawn, Battalion Wars 2, 2x Legend of zelda, Lost Winds, Monster Hunter Tri, Metroid Prime 3 / Trilogy, the first online console mario kart, Muramasa, NiGHTS 2, No more Heroes 1 + 2, up until a month ago, the best okami version, Red Steel 2 (first one was bad, but the second is great), SSX blur, Sonic Colors, Super paper mario, Smash bros, Tales of symphonia 2, Tatsunoku vs. Capcom, House of the Dead:Overkill, Trauma centers, Wario land, Wario ware...

And those are just the great mostly-exclusive titles I own so far - I also own stuff like overlord and sonic games to 'complete the series', but thought it best not to mention them in a 'wii is not failed' rant. I still have 43 titles on my wish list, too...
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User Info: MisterSmee

5 years ago#44
Seca Verins posted...
I want you to explain to me the distinction between an "actual gamer" and the people who bought and played Wii games in a way that isn't sexist, condescending, or elitist.

Seca Verins posted...
Only "hardcore gamers", AKA the type of neckbeards who think there's any distinction between "casual" and "core" gaming...

You want someone to give you a definition that isnt elitest or condescending while you sit there and be elitist or condescending yourself?

Please, stop embarrassing yourself. Saying theres no difference between people who play games is incredibly ignorant. With any hobby there are varying degrees of how much you are into it.

Take for instance, I consider myself a keen fisherman. I go regularly, research on techniques, and strive to catch a good fish. Joe blow just enjoys having a few beers and a fish with his mates once every blue moon. Its asinine to say 'hes just as much a fisherman as I am'.
Im clearly more into the hobby than him. Thats not being elitist, and even Joe would say im more of a hardcore fisherman than he is.

Heck, i enjoy working on cars, you dont see me saying that im the same as someone who lives and breathes them.

This goes for any hobby, surfing, biking, jogging, even crosswords. And guess what, gaming is a hobby as well.

User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#45
Seca Verins posted...
No, I think that video games are video games and you're creating an arbitrary system of categorization to separate yourself and people who play the games you like from a perceived "other" in people who play games you don't like. A twelve year old girl who plays nothing but The Sims and World of Warcraft is exactly the same amount of a "gamer" as a 24 year old guy who plays Dark Souls and Monster Hunter; the issue is that the status quo of what types of people play games has expanded, and the people conventionally thought of as "gamers" are notoriously bad at socially accepting people who aren't like themselves.

My original statement holds true, and is reinforced by the fact that every example given to me about how someone isn't really a "hardcore" gamer always feels the need to specify that the player in question is female or in some other way "different" from the popular image of the "gamer" (but, typically, female). It's not about any difference in the games, it's about wanting to keep "gaming" as a boys' club of twelve to thirty-five year old males with social issues. You do so by creating a new category called "hardcore gaming" to separate from "casual gaming", and the distinction is entirely arbitrary and defined by the types of people who play those games rather than the content of the games in question.

tl;dr, "hardore" and "casual" are artificial classifications that say nothing about a game but quite a bit about gaming culture's aversion to sharing the hobby with people who are in any way "different".

No, your statement is flatout wrong. Hardcore gamers are dedicated gamers, gaming has a central point in their life. Take away gaming, or replace it with something else, and these people will face some serious changes in life and will need to redefine some of their priorities. For a casual gamer, gaming has no central place in their life. Take out games out of their life and their life wouldn't drastically change. They'll just fine something else they find equally as fun to replace it with.

A common trait for many hardcore gamers is that they love talking about this hobby. Does a casual gamer not enjoy to talk about gaming? Sure, they do, but in a different way. Once a hardcore gamer starts summing up all kinds of weaknesses and strengths of a game and whatnot it's likely that the casual gamer will lose interest soon after that.

Anyhow, point is, these 2 main types of gamers have a pretty different take on gaming. To pile them all together on a single heap is stupid. I'm not saying they can't get along, but they're different enough to say they are 2 actual different types.

The games you play do not say a f*** about the type of gamer you are. It's how you play the games and how you are involved in them.
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User Info: evillocke

5 years ago#46
This topic is bad and you should feel bad.
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User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#47
100million consoles sold is "failing as a gaming console?" Other than playing movies with Netflix, gaming was all it did!

I think you mean the PS3 failed as a gaming console, since it's estimated that a full third of them were sold to be used solely as a Blu-Ray player. That means, as a gaming console, it only sold about 40 million units - barely more than the N64.
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User Info: Rasputin77

5 years ago#48
No, TC, I don't... and if it does fail, it won't do so as hard as the Wii.

evillocke posted...
This topic is bad and you should feel bad.

NMB?? Haha... never.

Sonic777, I'm sorry bud, but you have given new definition to the term "child with keyboard trying to argue" in this thread. W. O. W. Seca, shame on you for letting them lure you in. You gotta keep your responses limited, man... loads of angsty hardheads who'd love nothing more than spin in circles for hours.

I used to play that game here. Trust me - it gets old. ;)
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User Info: Newave

5 years ago#49
It's repeating the mistakes Wii did, so yeah it'll probably play out exactly like Wii did. It may have a small peak of doing good but it'll fade when the overly optimistic fanboys will come to the same conclusion the rest of us had from the beginning, just like we did with Wii.
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User Info: melbye80

5 years ago#50
Wii didn't fail as a gaming console, my top 3 games of this generation is on Wii
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