does anyone see this failing as a gaming console like the wii did?

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  3. does anyone see this failing as a gaming console like the wii did?

User Info: Hicks233

4 years ago#81
To repeat earlier sentiments - what makes you think that the Wii "failed" as a "gaming" console?

It had games. It was a console. You played the games on the console thereby "gaming".

Seemed to work fine and be popular with its customers...

Ohhh... do you mean the pewpew shooty bang crowd got their knickers in a twist that everything wasn't slavishly made for them?
Sheep are propper dumb, they run away when you go to stroke em

User Info: sonic777

4 years ago#82
Rasputin77 posted...

Sonic777, I'm sorry bud, but you have given new definition to the term "child with keyboard trying to argue" in this thread.

Funny, 5 people agreed with me. And yes, his point would still be wrong even if he used a "nicer" word. His point was simply a rant and a personal attack.

Not my problem.

Don't you have people you need to teach the definition of "troll" to? How's that crusade going?

User Info: Beatperson14

4 years ago#83

User Info: Dynheart

4 years ago#84
Typical Nintendo thread; AKA...the Wii suck, so will the Wii U. What. A. Shocker.

People in here saying they forced motion controls. That was the whole point of the entire system! That is what set the system apart from other consoles. Otherwise, what's the catch?

Also, that's the vision the creator's had...don't like? Don't buy it....simple. Why complain after you buy..if you didn't like the system/motion controls in the first place? Don't tell me to give it a never gave the system a chance to begin with because it lagged behind in graphical power (seems to be the talk of the board..GRRRRAFIX).

As for the Wii U. Nintendo made a couple of mistake misjudging the HD/internet gaming boom. They wont with this system. Give it a chance.

That's right, you wont. Have to pick on something....the controller. Have to have your standard controller. Guess what? They have that too...Wii U pro controller. Buy it. Love it. Stop complaining. Or are we still stuck on GRRRRAFIX?

*rolls eyes*

Systems hasn't even been fully realized. And it's a totally new engine...for Nintendo AND 3rd party devs. No open GL. No DirectX, but it can do stuff that's equal to that of DirectX 11. What is it? It hasn't been revealed yet...but if Nintendo is still learning it...3rd parties are going to struggle just a little bit more.

As for hype. Why hype up a machine that been hyped up already, by the internet? It's sold out already! Wait until 3-4th shipment...if those don't sell out already, to start a massive campaign to grab non-gamers. The gamers who want this machine? THey already know about it..and internet/word of mouth is better than commercials at this point; and cheaper.

Give the system time.
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  3. does anyone see this failing as a gaming console like the wii did?

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