What will be your total purchases?

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User Info: Evilmonster

4 years ago#1
Wii U Deluxe (375ish)
NSMBU (60)
ZombiU (60)

That's nearly $500....

If I choose to get a pro-controller that's another $50.

And I want to get either Tank, Tank,Tank or Sonic Racing...

That's about $600

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User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
4 years ago#2
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User Info: DeviousLight

4 years ago#3
RPG maniac87 posted...
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#4
Wii U Deluxe- 349.99
+ ZombiU- 59.99
x 1.06 for MI sales tax

I only have 450 to spare for launch so I'll get NSMBU the following week
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User Info: zaakro

4 years ago#5
Assassin's creed 3
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User Info: Leo_Blaken

4 years ago#6
I can only get about...
Zombie U
and some write and protect for the screen
So aprox $480 bucks which would be $6300 pesos....

Damn! Thank god I started saving sooner.
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EnderOfEternity49 4 years ago#7
Wii U Basic

A 40$ terabyte hdd I already bought.



NG3 Razors Edge
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User Info: noutBr

4 years ago#8
Wii U Deluxe
New Super Mario Bros U

I think about €410,-

I may just get the Pro Controller U too but it can wait since I have no interest in any of the launch games that use it. I also don't really expect to be wowed by Wii U or anything and I'm counting on playing it alongside my PS3 so there's no need for any games I'm not excited about.
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User Info: blazeUP12

4 years ago#9
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I'd rather not know the exact total, but it's more than $500
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User Info: snae99

4 years ago#10
-Wii U Deluxe ($350)
-NSMBU - ($50 from newegg promo)
-Ninja Gaiden 3: RE - ($50 from newegg promo)
-Zombi U ($60)
-Black Pro Controller ($40 from newegg promo)

I may also buy another Wiimote+nunchuk.

Overall I'm spending around $550.
I should go.
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