If You Have A GameCube, Why Do You Still Have It?

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User Info: Arcanine2009

5 years ago#21
Because i can't sell it/trade in... Too late. It was july at gamestop. I only started caring about 1-2 months ago.
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User Info: 40Dribylf

5 years ago#22
I have a Gameboy Player but I misplaced the disc somewhere years ago :'(

Anyone know where I can buy one?
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User Info: Red_Fiend

5 years ago#23
for Super Smash Bros. Melee

User Info: Stefan1277

5 years ago#24
Still works. It's still hooked to my TV. Still playing F-Zero GX every now and then.
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User Info: super_luigi16

5 years ago#25
XXXB0BXXX posted...
how are you a 2009 account

Better yet, Why Did He Capitalize Every Word? The Poll Options Aren't Titles.
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User Info: Agent_Slash

5 years ago#26
I still own mine and use it to play GCN games over my Wii. I used to use my Wii, but it ended up corrupting my 1036 block memory card. I lost all of my primary GCN game files. Ever since then, I've only used my good old GameCube to play GameCube games. Since I didn't see an option covering that in your poll, I just chose the "I'm a collector" option.

User Info: Bartholamue

5 years ago#27
I keep it because I have imports, and the Wii can't use my boot disc. I have the gameboy player as well.
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User Info: AMG

5 years ago#28
Because I never get rid of my consoles and I still play them.

User Info: locutus442

5 years ago#29
The_Skree_King posted...
A combination of the Gameboy player, nostalgia, and not tossing away tech that still works.

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User Info: sejan12

5 years ago#30
I vote for everything except, "I didn't buy a Wii"
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