If You Have A GameCube, Why Do You Still Have It?

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User Info: KinseiNoShisha

5 years ago#41
What Blade_Kirby said. If the Wii or Wii U could play PSO online, I'd probably give it to a friend or sibling, but... I still like to get online with my RAmarl from time to time.
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Because my Wii is on the fritz, and I'd like to continue playing my Cube games.
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User Info: gamer6879403333

5 years ago#43
I have a weird setup, with my TV being on a stand that is 2 shelves with 4 plastic bars holding up the upper shelf, the TV being on the upper one, with a gap of about 15 inches between the shelves. This leaves a big open shelf area between the lower and upper shelves under the TV, and I sit on the floor when I play games. Problem is, that means my sensor bar would either be too low on the lower shelf, or way above me if it was on the TV. So I put my Gamecube behind the stand and on the actual floor so that I aim the controller between the 2 shelves and at the sensor bar on the other side, which just perfectly happens to be just the right height when sitting on the GC that the Wiimote is level with the sensor bar with no aiming needed, it's right where I naturally point.

In short, I use my GC as a stand for my sensor bar, because it fits perfectly with my odd gaming setup.
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User Info: gotohades

5 years ago#44
I collect games and systems, so I never get rid of any of gaming equipment.
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User Info: Hawker44

5 years ago#45
Gameboy player mostly. I don't like playing handheld games & prefer them on my tv.

User Info: Samp98518

5 years ago#46
It was my first console, it still works, and I might take it out when I get my Wii U to put along side it.
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User Info: lanif

5 years ago#47
I still have games that i play and still collecting plus gameboy player and i don't trade or sell my stuff

User Info: Desulated

5 years ago#48
Why would you trash something that still works perfectly?
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User Info: Gallagon

5 years ago#49
Because my wii hates gamecube games and doesn't read like half gamecube games I own.
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User Info: darkknight109

5 years ago#50
Phantasy Star Online - can't play online on the Wii.

Also I don't throw out/sell/give away my old games and systems, even if newer systems can play the old games.
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