This week will feel like eternity...

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User Info: ffxauronmagusct

4 years ago#41
I'll be working, running after school rehearsals, and playing Halo 4 and Need for Speed Most Wanted, and watching the WVU-Oklahoma game.

I've got plenty to keep me busy until Sunday
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User Info: MarikElric

4 years ago#42
Working four of the seven days, plus will have a morning meeting (which I'll go to Gamestop after) launch day. Also working on 100%-ing Zero Escape and finishing up Layton:MM, plus will be picking up Paper Mario today/tomorrow.

Next sunday will be here before I know it.

User Info: SirPierce

4 years ago#43
I work today. I have stuff to do at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (training, working on my book, etc). And I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday, I have church. My church is across the street from my favorite gamestop (where my preorder is). I will leave church, get it and go home to hook it up. Time should fly...especially when being super busy at work this weekend (movie theater...twilight opening).
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User Info: mdotwillie09

4 years ago#44
This week will probably fly. I work a mon-Fri schedule, with son's soccer and other various parents duties during the week and than halo 4 and blops2 I'm going to have too much to do. I'm at that ridiculous point backlog wise where I'm so backed up that when I have time to play games ill sometimes take 10 minutes trying to figure out what to play and can't figure it out and go do something else. I love that it's out on Sunday, I can go out sat night get a cpl hrs of sleep and go to game stop.
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