why are you letting nintendo get away with it?

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User Info: overkillwfo1978

4 years ago#131
El_Zaggy posted...
overkillwfo1978 posted...
gwest40 posted...
overkillwfo1978 posted...
OtakuGamera posted...
list of problems with the wii U:

5. cannot play DVD or bluray movies

Who watches movies on a disc anymore?

Uh, a lot of people? Good job posting an ignorant question and speaking as if you know everybody else. People still do watch movies on disc. If they didn't, then places like Redbox and Blockbuster would not be here and formats like DVD and Blu-Ray would have died a long time ago. Digital downloads have not completely taken over, yet and they won't for a very long time.

I would have cried about no DVD playback in 2003. How broke are you people?

So, let me get this straight, you DON'T have a DVD player? You actually NEED the Wii-U to play your DVDs? That is hilarious. Or even worse, you have Blu-rays but no place to play them yet? lol.

I bought the 360 in 2006 and didn't even care then if it played any disc movies or not. Get with the times. The Wii-U is a video game system in the year 2012. You should really join this decade. Technology advancement is a great thing.

you miss the point. if the wii u could play dvd, you could just take your dvd player out of its place, take make more space for other audio-video devices.

Personnally I have no space anymore in my living room near the tv. I would be nice if the Wii u were able to play dvd and blurays sor i could just get some stuff out.

That decision from nintendo puts the wii u again in last place of the consoles, like they did with the wii.

Dont deny it, the more a console do stuff, the better it is.Saying the opposite would be a blatant lie

No. You miss the point, my friend. In my case, I literally have NO use for another DVD player.... at all, whatsoever. I do not care one bit whether the Wii-U plays DVDs or not. Why? because I have myself set up different than you. First of all you rely on DVDs in the year 2012. I do not. Every movie I have is in digital format and playable on one of my two computers or another media player I have hooked to my TV.

So, just because you have outdated technology and need space, does not mean all of us do. The Wii-U playing movies one way or the other means absolutely nothing to me.
"Then we figured out that we could just park them in front of the tv, that's how I was raised, and I turned out tv"

User Info: Sega_Saturn09

4 years ago#132
loved space ducks response lol priceless !!!!!!
KILLER INSTINCT 3! Someday......

User Info: libatako

4 years ago#133
Nintendo may not be apple.......yet

But they sure as hell are heading in that direction at full speed

I mean, how can you not love all the excuses so far!?
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User Info: R2BDSi

4 years ago#134
OtakuGamera posted...
list of problems with you:

1. Yeah, betuz Microsoft, and Sonie do dat 2 son 2. Skyward Sword with a Gamepad, haha funny.
3. does not come with basic AV cable out of the box [b]There dirt cheap[/b]
4. WAT?
5. Hey buddy, guess what? IT'S 2012, not freakin 2000, digital is better
6. more than that, but what seems a little valid
7. Because JRPG sell really well in Ameri...Oh wait
8. Child, you must be more specific

it's obvious that your a troll,, or a mindless 12 year old not putting in 100% into the your argument, so why should we listen?

P.S: please don't troll us, the point is, Nintendo Wii U will be a success story.

User Info: overkillwfo1978

4 years ago#135
Sony trolls feeling threatened. They know their new system will not release for a long time and that the Wii U will be getting all of the best multiplat ports and exclusives in the meantime. 7 more days, then we can really hear some crying. Break out with the tissues!
"Then we figured out that we could just park them in front of the tv, that's how I was raised, and I turned out tv"

User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

4 years ago#136
Why would I buy a GAME CONSOLE just to watch MOVIES?
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User Info: Kilikan5670

4 years ago#137
Why is it that people b**** and moan over everything? People are gonna buy it despite all of those issues. Nothing to make a topic about.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#138
Kilikan5670 posted...
Why is it that people b**** and moan over everything? People are gonna buy it despite all of those issues. Nothing to make a topic about.

Plus when you think about it all past, present, and future consoles haves things called FLAWS, there is no such thing as a perfect system. If there was there would be no console wars.

Well ok there would still be fights but on even grounds
"Not really just shows how stupid everyone in that universe is. I know instead of just snipping these terrorists lets risk an apocalypse durp"

User Info: evecharmeve

4 years ago#139
Let me just say what this topic is really gonna be about

TC is gonna be Jelly of all these people walking out the store with Wii U's and since he can't get one, he has to say what a piece of junk it is so he doesn't feel worthless

welcome to the 90's

User Info: TechniMyoko

4 years ago#140
overkillwfo1978 posted...
TechniMyoko posted...
SpacedDuck posted...
haha okay just because you said don't quote the list you made and argue why not I'm sure people will listen and just let you have your opinion and allow theirs to not be stated.

Allow me to get the ball rolling chump

1. wii games does not upscale

I'm not buying a brand new system to play Wii games. Also the 360 didn't upscale Xbox games and I don't believe the PS3 upscaled PS2 games.


Both ps3 and 360 upscale their prev gens games

They do not upscale to 720/1080p though.

Actually both do

The change in graphics is almost unnoticable on the 360. The PS3 has not had a backwards compatible model at all for years. So, once again, false info on GameFaqs. No surprise

The false info was on your part however.
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