why are you letting nintendo get away with it?

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User Info: SnakeWesker

5 years ago#61
1. That sucks, would be nice if they did.
2. Kind of saw that coming.
3. I don't care, I'm using the component cables I bought for the original Wii.
4. At least they're not proprietary.
5. I don't care, have PS3 for that.
6. That sucks.
7. That sucks. Doubt I would import anything but would be nice to have the option.
8. I feel I know enough. Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends are on the way.
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

5 years ago#62
I'll play along.

1. Not a big deal/what reason did I have to expect it to be otherwise.
2. Not a big dea/what reason did I have to expect it to be otherwise/updateable situation.
3. I have these cables already. I'll gladly not pay for them again.
4. Updateable/The portability is not worth the extra cost here/I don't expect to fill my 32 GB anytime soon.
5. Don't care. I'll gladly not pay for the ability (pro-tip: it isn't free to let a device play DVDs and BDs)
6. You're showing your ignorance here.
7. Not a big deal/what reason did I have to expect it to be otherwise.
8. I play games.
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User Info: The_Ollynator

5 years ago#63
I'm a little late on this, but...

Firstly, with regard to your post script, I'm going to look at each point anyway since many of your points are nonsense, and that's very relevant. See below for that list. But as a general argument to your question to conform with your request:

Your problems are very personal and self-serving, or otherwise invalid. But every hardware producing games company has pro's and con's, if one set doesn't suit you, try another company. But most of us here find these particular 'problems' to be insignificant compared to the advantages a Nintendo System offers (largely 1st party games, and more recently control innovation). Ultimately, I am buying a system to have fun while playing games and Nintendo does a great job fulfilling that. That's why I support them.

1. The 7th gen systems did very little to improve 6th gen games, and when they did the difference wasn't honestly substantial. Without altering the actual rendering process for each game (similar to the dolphin emulator), which requires a lot of resources, you don't get much out of it. Additionally, even looking at the upscaled Wii games on Dolphin, it doesn't change the fact that things like textures are in SD, so it's hardly worth Nintendo's time to implement this, or even update all the textures (!) - I would rather they put that time into NEW games, as I bet most people would.

2. So? It's a completely different controller we're talking about here. The gamepad and pro controller aren't the same motion controls as the remote, and even if they were technically made compatible, the control schemes on many games would become difficult or impossible to translate without altering gameplay, games like Zelda SS. They could go on a game-by-game basis and redefine the controls, but once again it's really not worth the time considering they could spend that on NEW games (amazing concept, I know.)

3. It comes with an HDMI cable though. And considering how broad the audience for the Wii was, chances are people have a spare Wii AV cable lying around (soon to be otherwise unused). Basically, yes, some people might have to go buy one cable or another, but it seems that fewer people overall will have to buy AV cables than HDMI cables. And making everyone pay a couple extra bucks for an included AV cable (or even taking it on loss) just seems silly.

4. I fail to see how this is a big con. USB harddrives/flash drives are far more common and versatile. Admittedly it's a silly limitation, but honestly won't be that big of a problem for 99% of users.

5. I personally haven't used physical entertainment media such as optical discs in at least 3-4 years. It can all be done digitally now, and that's really how the industry is trending- towards streaming content (hence the push for Nintendo TVii instead). DVDs are dying quickly, and Blurays (success aside) require paying Sony a nice royalty for the codecs, and that would be stupid of Nintendo to do, considering Sony is a competitor.

6. I will give you this one, as I would rather a marginally heavier gamepad in exchange for at least a few more hours. Hardly a deal breaker though, and the Pro controller gets exceptional battery life.

7. Another one I will give you, but it really only affects a vocal minority overall. I am personally part of said minority, but I understand the economic advantages it has, particularly for Nintendo (which is a business, remember?). It's not something new or unexpected though.

8. This is entirely due to hype management. I agree it's a little close to release all things considered, but there's honestly not a tonne more we NEED to know that isn't much easier to understand from a hands-on basis. As for these so called 'problems'...what problems?
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User Info: KingBeetle

5 years ago#64
OtakuGamera posted...

1. wii games does not upscale
How would this be possible?
2. wii games incompatible with gamepad or pro controller
How would this also be possible?
3. does not come with basic AV cable out of the box
That's because it comes with an HDMI cable which almost everyone will use.
4. SD cards cannot store anything other than save games and maybe patches
Meh. Why use an SD card anyways instead of a Flash Drive?
5. cannot play DVD or bluray movie
Others might care, personally I don't. Not that important.
6. gamepad only 3 hour battery life forcing you to charge while playing which deterioates battery life
It's a big thing. Plus, you can just charge it everytime you're done. Although, marathons could be difficult with this.
7. region lock
Why is this that important?
8. lack of info eventhough it's a week before launch and people are finding out more and more problems
Maybe you're the one not paying attention to all the info give out.

Bad topic is bad.
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User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#65
1. Don't care. I can't tell the difference anyway.
2. Don't care. I have a Classic Controller.
3. Don't care. I have an HDTV.
4. lol who cares
5. Not like I watch blu-rays anyway. And I can use my PC if I really want to watch a DVD.
6. Don't care. I don't play all day long.
7. Don't care. I don't import.
8. lol whatever
It's-a me!

User Info: oxnerd

5 years ago#66
Because I use consoles to play games, not watch movies, store crap, etc. I have a two thousand dollar computer for all that..

User Info: maximumbarmage

5 years ago#67
No DVD playback? Haha... what ****ing millenium is Nintendo living in exactly?

Also, big lols at onboard storage on the Wii U. 32gb maximum? Holy Christ :D
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User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#68
Latino_King posted...
I agree with the criticisms that the TC pointed out. The Wii U is simply too much of a flawed system to justify the hefty price tag that it comes wih.

I take it, then, that you don't own either a PS3 or 360, since they cost almost as much, and are much more flawed.
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5 years ago#69
#6 is false.
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User Info: Linetrix

5 years ago#70
Hahahaha, look at all the brainwashed drones defending region lock.
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