Nintendo fans are crazy. Why even buy a Wii U if you don't have an HDTV?

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User Info: NeoBillbine

4 years ago#241
Sami1000 posted...
Why is this topic aimed at nintendo fans? I promise to eat my shoes if there isn't a single ps360 user who doesn't have hdtv.

Why is this thread getting so many replies!? This thread is downright ridiculous, not to say i'm any better than others who replied here.

Does anyone understand that there is poor people in the world? Yes, poor! meaning they don't have too much money to spare. Amazing isn't it.

Does anyone understand that not everyone care enough to upgrade to hdtv?


Agreed, it is just the ps360 fangurlz trying to look better than they are. Really why are they arguing over which is the shiniest of two turds.
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User Info: mini_blight

4 years ago#242
Linetrix posted...
*amateur political/psych 101 hackery*

Your powers are useless against me, your trollness.

Linetrix posted...
another drone that is successfully trying to destroy his reputation in this board.

So he's destroying his rep as a Nintendrone on a board that is for Nintendo. lmao

I'd call you crazy, but I know you do it all intentionally.

Oh, don't worry about your dark secrets. They're safe with me.

Azure_lKite posted...

A PS2 game? lmao If that's what it looked like to you then why bother playing any HD console. Sorry, but it looked good on my SDTV.

Delusional is saying a PS2 game looks great on an HDTV. There's nothing delusional about playing an HD game on an SD television and it looking good.

User Info: DXiRoNMaN

4 years ago#243
How do people game or do anything on a sdtv in 2012?
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User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#244
DXiRoNMaN posted...
How do people game or do anything on a sdtv in 2012?

The same way they've been doing it since the '70's?
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User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#245
darkjedilink posted...
DXiRoNMaN posted...
How do people game or do anything on a sdtv in 2012?

The same way they've been doing it since the '70's?

I think he means that:

1) The text in many PS3/360 games is near impossible to read on an SDTV.

2) The graphics of PS3/360 games can't be appreciated on lower definitions. I think I mentioned earlier in this thread, but watching one of my friends play Skyrim on an SDTV was painful. Honestly looks like your typical Gamecube game when it's not played on an HDTV.

3) Most cable TV plans, at least in my area, only offer the HD versions of many channels, and they look pretty gnarly on an SDTV. I can't watch football anymore on SDTVs, I legitimately get a little sick and my eyes begin to hurt.

4) HDTVs are just as affordable as SDTVs. Hell, do they even make SDTVs anymore? I don't think I've seen one in a store for at least 5 years.

User Info: plasmawisp1713

4 years ago#246
I don't have an HDTV but I am a hardcore Nintendo fan.
That was meant as an insult by the way.

User Info: EngineR2

4 years ago#247
As many have said, there are pros and cons to owning an HDTV, instead of an SDTV. I'll list a few. Keep in mind, I have an HDTV, and an SDTV.


-MUCH sharper, and clearer picture quality, with more vibrant colors. There aren't enough words to describe this fact, so I'll let the picture do the talking(limit: 1000 words).

-Takes up less real-estate(space in your room), and is much lighter. Try lifting the mammoth, that is the 36" Sony Triniton WEGA, and carry it up(and down) two large flights of stairs like I have, and you'll be wanting an HDTV in no time.

-Ability to broadcast both SD and HD. Really, the SD mode is only for devices that are not HD compatible. No one should ever consider using a PS3/360 with composite, or component cables, when they've got the option to use HDMI.

-Newer/certain HDTVs have a mode called tru-motion/auto-motion, that can make things look live. The best feature, in my opinion. I, myself, do not own an HDTV with that capability, but I have used one before. It's awesome.

-Newer/certain HDTVs allow for 3D capabilities that far surpass anything in the past(See: Orb 3-D, 3-D Worldrunner, Famicom Grand Prix II: 3-D Hot Rally).


-Usually uses more electricity. This also depends on the size, and model of the TV.

-Regardless of the price it is now, it will still cost you more than an SDTV would. Yes, this does matter, even though SDTVs are just about obsolete.

-Because of the sharper quality, the imperfections are even more noticeable than before. N64 games end up looking pretty bad on these TVs. Thankfully, there's the Virtual Console. No help for the Saturn, though.

-Some games are incompatible with HDTVs. Guess what happens when you try to play Duck Hunt on an HDTV? Yes. That dreaded dog laughs at your pitiful, futile attempts at shooting down ducks, with a horrible nightmarish laugh. Every time. There is nothing you can do. It is hopeless.

-Lag. This has to be mentioned. Lag is still a problem with many HDTVs. In fact, it has been proven that the WiiU Tablet Controller displays a game faster than an HDTV can. This problem is virtually non-existent on an SDTV. For games heavily focused on reaction time, like Sonic, this can be a big problem.
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User Info: zeppelincheetah

4 years ago#248
I plan on getting my first HDTV sometime next year. They keep getting cheaper and cheaper and I am poor. Very very poor. I probably still will need to get one on layaway.
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User Info: FeedTheRyback

4 years ago#249
The problem is a bunch of these HD Elitist are in the mindest SD people had a choice last week of buying an SD or HD and we picked the Sd and thats not the case

User Info: MrSCARY

4 years ago#250
So you guys are perfectly fine eating dog food right?

Why drive a nice car when you could just drive some 50 year old car with no air, radio or seat belt?

Why live in a house or apartment when that box is so comfy right?

Hell, why even get a new console when you could just keep playing your Gamecube?

Why date the hot girl down the street when that one girl who looks like a man lives right next door?

Etc. Etc.

Yeah some of you are poor, I get it.
I also get that if you are so poor you cant afford a tv maybe you shouldn't be spending what little money you do have on a video game console.
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