Warning to anyone who has NEVER owned an HD gaming system before

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User Info: hmoobpaladin

5 years ago#81
Played my PS3 on a SDTV for a few years and I agree with texts being too small and some parts cut off. Other than that, games were still playable. Still, you should upgrade to a HDTV because it will save some frustration and time. They're pretty cheap nowadays so no reason not to get one.
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User Info: Newave

5 years ago#82
Parkers_Peter posted...
NettoSaito posted...
Parkers_Peter posted...
My God just get to the point.

Sorry, forgot there were kids here with attention spans ^_^.

I'll dumb it down for you. If you don't have an HD TV, don't expect to be able to play the Wii U.

Wat? You can play the Wii U on an sdtv just like you can play a 360 on a sdtv. What a stupid topic.

Yeah, this. I have a fat old TV with a maximum screen quality of PAL60i and I play my 360 on it and have for years, it looks great and has no problems, the worst case I've had so far was Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts that had very small letters to read that were clearly meant for HD screen resolutions, but it wasn't unreadable just harder to read than most other games, I still played through the entire game and loved it.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

5 years ago#83
StinkySkunkGirl posted...

You can get a great, high-quality and fairly large set for $400-$500 all year round, but Black Friday is coming up. That's chump change compared to how much these things used to be just a decade ago. They're affordable now. Unless you haven't bought a new system since the Gamecube came out, you don't do a lot of gaming or TV watching, or you're too broke to invest a few hundred towards substantially upgrading your entertainment system (in which case a Wii U, PS3, or Xbox 360 should definitely be the last things on your wishlist), there's really no excuse.

Your handhelds and laptops are using LCD displays. Chances are, most of your desktops are too. Why you would deny yourself a modern day television for modern day gaming is something I couldn't possibly begin to understand. It's like having 1,000 songs and a pair of $5 headphones, or playing beautiful looking games like Crysis on minimum settings.

Sure, you can still hear and enjoy the music, and graphics aren't everything, but if you love music, $50 will make all of your music listening nicer and more comfortable, and while I have absolutely no problem enjoying old-school graphics, even ASCII, when you have a game that has stellar graphics and you play it on low settings, you are missing out on part of the experience, and if you can't appreciate that, if you truly and honestly think it's "just as good", I've got to say, I feel damn sorry for you.

Every time I go to Walmart I see stacks of 32" HDTVs for under $200. I've seen 20 some-odd inch ones on Amazon for a little over $100.

I stopped following tech years ago but jesus, a decent tv is always one of my must haves. Not even just for games, for movies and everything else. It's an investment. And the difference between SD and HD is like the difference between B&W and color, maybe even bigger.

Some things, like a tv, are an investment that's truly worth upgrading. One of the very few in modern technology. I can understand why one wouldn't upgrade to an iphone 5 if they have an iphone 4 but the difference in tvs is far more than just a baby step upgrade. I'm perfectly fine making do with older tech but there is simply no way in bloody hell that SD is just as good as HD and if I didn't have at least a 720p set, I'd make that a far higher priority than getting a new console. Playing a Wii U on SD would be like buying a Blu-Ray player and watching it on grandmas old Zenith.
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User Info: Midnight_Maniac

5 years ago#84
Icecreamdunwich posted...
I feel bad for anyone that still owns an SDTV in 2012 for modern gaming.

Yeah, me too. Does anybody actually still use SDTVs???
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User Info: T3H_1337_N1NJ4

5 years ago#85
What the topic creator here is failing to understand, is that the same way people didn't have the patience to read this topic, most of the kids who populate gamefaqs don't give a crap about the story. So why should they care if the can't read the text? Just let them shoot some blurry guys.
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User Info: DTY3

5 years ago#86
fuzi11 posted...
why do you assume Nintendo only players only have SDTVs?

Because most people on this board have outright said they do. And many are needlessly jealous of HD owners.
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User Info: DTY3

5 years ago#87
Midnight_Maniac posted...
Icecreamdunwich posted...
I feel bad for anyone that still owns an SDTV in 2012 for modern gaming.

Yeah, me too. Does anybody actually still use SDTVs???

I do but not for HD gaming.
GameFAQS users are far too sensitive.

User Info: Mozzezz

5 years ago#88
Thanks TC for the help, you've expanded my knowledge on this subject, you're post to me sounded more informative then condescending, though I agree you do have to watch out for the condescending stuff for some of the reasons I explain below.

I currently own an "SD TV" and "SD PC Monitor". I do own a 720p (720 in this sense is the amount of lines the signal to the monitor puts out (not the physical pixels (if it has them) or the resolutions it supports or the "720p TV Format", and the p is for progressive scan, which means the lines are dawn in order and aren't odd and even like interlaced (i scan)), lcd (the stuff that physically makes up the picture and the equipment and process (not counting the process I mentioned) that's used to send it there along with also what the first layer of the screen is made up of (The LCD screen I have also has a hard plastic in front of it), flat, 16:9 wide screen (The physical ratio of the screen, and 16:9 is considered wide screen), laptop monitor that can display 1920x1080 resolutions and beyond (though many games probably won't work that well at those settings, the laptop was an upper mid range laptop about 2 and a half years ago) (which is and includes wide screen resolutions).

I read up on some stuff before I got the laptop at the point when I was still probably going to skip HD all together, and at the point before we owned any HD devices (besides the PS3 which I couldn't actually use in HD and also btw I didn't get that until around 2008), so I know it's good to be informed even when you don't own a device or even when you are not right before you are about to buy one ( I did read up a lot more right before I was about to buy the laptop), for various reasons including possible working on them or knowing for sure if you are going to get one of the devices, but I do also agree to some extent that upgrading to HD feels forced, though this was really more true a few years ago when the prices were way too high and there was hardly any content (though even now I would say that HD content is still kind of lacking). This stuff is still worth coming back and looking at though, cause I still find that I miss stuff, and even some of the stuff in this post I'm just correctly sorting out now, besides just the stuff you mentioned.

The small text problem I have ran into with my PS3, but I could still make it out with the games I played. (It should be noted that I haven't played too many PS3 games but did spend a lot of time on a few.)

Cutting off the screen I haven't ran into and this is the first I heard about it, could you give me more info on that, such as the types of games and amount of games that usually do this.

The light gun problem you mentioned I am some what concerned about and this is also the first time I heard about it, would you mind listing the various guns this effects and maybe some specifics on the design differences of those guns.

Also note, the one post where you listed a bunch of various topics, I didn't read through them all, I only briefly looked at the first one, so if any of the answers I requested were in there please let me know.

This info is pretty important to me because I can't realistically keep around both an "SD TV" and "SD monitor" (I do need two displays besides my laptop because of size and ability to get the desktop setup) and an "HD TV" and "HD monitor" because of how heavy "SD TVs" and "SD monitors" are, unless maybe I kept some type of all in one small 13" or so "SD Display Device", but that would still not be that good for a lot of things.
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User Info: JacobARF

5 years ago#89
Wii U will support the Wii cables, and therefore you will be able to play on a non-HD TV and still be able to read
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User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#90
I love how TC just assumes that "Nintendo-only fans" all have SDTV's.

By breakdown, Wii owners are more likely to own HDTV's than the other console owners, because HDTV's are mainstream, and are therefore desired by casuals as a status symbol.
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