Just sold my Wii U Deluxe for $6,499.00

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User Info: Mr_Golden_Sun

4 years ago#51
AsylumSmash posted...
It's an obvious troll, but if some people are still believing (not sure why any people did in the first place, I'll post info below to confirm it did not happen.

OP confirmed that he/she used eBay. I checked the ebay completed listings for the highest sold amount for a Wii U that was purchased. Link is below


Highest Price ever sold on eBay is 900 which includes a few games which is shown above.


Among the Wii U's listed in the quoted poster's link is one that was sold for $659.99. The picture representing this one is an order confirmation. Another was sold for $675. This person ordered online from Best Buy and showed a picture of the order confirmation. Personal info is of course erased, so yeah...........
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#52
Yea but they have technology now that lets you unerase images that have been altered. My sister from Mississippi had internet bandits from Oklahoma pretend her house was theres. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO MY WII U!!!

User Info: zepfya

4 years ago#53
Man those highest priced sold wii u's on ebay are funny, so many idiots in the world. You can buy one from amazon for 500 even on ebay, why would anyone pay 800-900 bucks, so many suckers in the world lol.

User Info: JoeBudden42

4 years ago#54
So threads like this are allowed to be made without being taken down, but I'd get modded if I were to say something like I'd smack TC with my d***?

I just don't get it.

User Info: KuwagataHero

4 years ago#55

I'd like to smack the TC with my dick.
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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

4 years ago#56
Wow, you can buy a large giraffe with that.

User Info: Fishbulb

4 years ago#57
Good luck collecting on that cowboy.
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User Info: crowkillers

4 years ago#58
Most of the preorder auctions that you see won on Ebay for $600+ on are bogus.. It is a tactic used by sellers to establish credibility... And then they'll relist them a few days later when they have the system and have their "friend" leave them feedback for the original preorder...

Seriously, why would people Buy-it-now for $600 when there are 50 other ones for $100 cheaper at buy-it-now..?
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#60
Just wait. Next thing you know he's gonna post a photoshopped image.
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