Favorite game from every system that you have ever owned.

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User Info: sejan12

4 years ago#161
Atari 2600- Wizard of Wor
NES- Mario 3
GB- Link to the Past
GBA - Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance
Master System - Golvellius
GG - Shining Force: Sword of Hajya
Genesis- Shining Force 2
SNES- Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Saturn - Bubble Bobble
PS1- FF9
N64- Super Smash Bros.
PS2- Okami
Gamecube- Eternal Darkness
PS3- Dark Souls
Wii - Skyward Sword
DS - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
3DS - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#162
gameboy- pokemon yellow
snes- street fighter 2
genesis- tmnt
ps1- metal gear solid
ps2- tekken 5? FFX? persona 3 or 4? thug 2? cant decide too many
ps3- ttt2
PSN: Spectre0415
currently playing: tekken tag tournament 2, borderlands 2, nba 2k13, resident evil 6, skyrim

User Info: DeFenz

4 years ago#163
Atari 5200: Space Invaders
NES: Contra
Gameboy: Tetris
Sega Genesis: Phantasy Star IV
Playstation: Final Fantasy IX
Playstation2: Shadow Hearts Covenant
Wii: Sid Meier's Pirates
Playstation3: Arkham City
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User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#164
atari - qbert
NES - shadowgate
SNES - didn't have a favorite
Genisis - same as snes
ps1 - FFT
ps2 - socom 3
xbox 360 - marvel vs capcom 2
ps3 - socom confrontation
dreamcast - MvC2 again
n64 - no favorite
PC - starcraft 1
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User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#165

NES : Megaman 3
Sega Genesis : Sonic 3
SNES : Chrono Thrigger
PS : Super Robot Taisen @ Gaiden
N64 : Zelda OOT
PS2 : Kingdom Hearts
GC : Paper Mario TTYD
PS3 : MGS 4
WII : Zelda Skyward Sword


GBA : Megaman Battle Network 3
DS : Ace Attorney Series ( I can't choose which i like better)

F*** I want 3DS so much

User Info: phaces

4 years ago#166

NES - Battletoads/Mario Bros 3
Sega Genesis - Sonic 2/Streets of Rage 2
Sega CD - Sonic CD
Sega Saturn - Nights
SNES - Super SF Turbo/Mario World
PSX - FF7/Crash Bandicoot 2
N64 - NBA Hangtime/OoT/WCW vs. NWO
Dreamcast - MVC2
PS2 - Beatmania IIDX/Persona 3 FES/Silent Hill 2
Xbox - Phantasy Star Online
GameCube - Double Dash/RE4
PS3 - Vanquish/Uncharted/Dead Space
360 - Tales of Vesperia
Wii - Mario Galaxy 1/2


GB - Super Mario Land/Pokemon
GBA - Mario & Luigi SS
DS - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows/Mario Kart DS
PSP - Kingdom Hearts BBS/Phantasy Star Portable 2
Vita - Persona 4 (soon to be)

User Info: PaperDolphin

4 years ago#167
Gameboy-Wario Land
Nintendo 64-Paper Mario
Gameboy Advance- Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Gamecube- Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door
Nintendo DS- New Super Mario Bros.
Wii- Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Nintendo 3DS- Super Mario 3D Land (paper mario will probably dethrone this soon)
Playstation 3- Lego Harry Potter
Waddle Dee and Toad for SSB4!

User Info: Rennik Repotsir

Rennik Repotsir
4 years ago#168
Atari: <too young to remember the title> That game where you shoot at pterodactyl looking enemies that split in to smaller enemies when you shoot them...
C64: Knight Games
GameBoy: Metroid 2
SNES: Chrono Trigger
PS1: FF7
PS2: Dark Cloud 2
GCN: Tales of Symphonia
XBox: Fable
360: Tales of Vesperia
Wii: Zelda: Skyward Sword
PS3: Tales of Graces f
The person above suffers from IAD.</post>

User Info: LegendaryMelon

4 years ago#169
NES: Punch-Out
SNES: Top Gear
Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
GBC: Mario Golf
GBA: Sonic Advance 2
N64: Conker's Bad Fur Day
PS1: Crash Bandicoot 3
Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
PS2: Dark Cloud 2
GC: F-Zero GX
Xbox: I-Ninja
DS: Pokemon White 2
3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising
Wii: Sonic Colors
PS3: Disgaea 4
360: Forza Motorsport 4

PC: Changes every few weeks
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User Info: darkmega703

4 years ago#170
Gameboy Color: Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages

Gameboy Advance: Monster Rancher Advance 1 & Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

N64: Pokemon Snap (Only had five games for the 64)

Gamecube: Animal Crossing

PSX: Digimon Rumble Arena & Spyro 2

PS2: Persona 4 (Persona 3 had a better story, but I enjoyed Persona 4 a lot more.)

DS: Devil Survivor 1 & 2

3DS: Devil Survivor Overclocked

PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions & Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2

PS3: Tales of Graces f (Game was a little cheesy, but still a good game.) &
Red Dead Redemption

Xbox: Star Wars KOTR I & II (The First one had a better story, while the second one had better gameplay.)

That's all for me!
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