Wii U Future Owner's Job

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User Info: TriforceBun

4 years ago#41
Church pianist and webcomic artist.
My Kirby/Smash comics: www.brawlinthefamily.com
Mother 3 = Game of the Year 2006

User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#42
Right now I'm in college for (probably) chemical engineering, but during the summer I work in the electronics section of Toys R Us.
Currently Playing: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)

User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#43
From: Knuckles1412 | #030
You can't be both atheist and agnostic....atheist doesn't believe in god at all...agnostic doesn't believe we have the capacity to understand what god is, but believes it is out there.

Yes, I know, it's a bit complicated. I, personally, do not believe in God, but I do not deny that some all-powerful being that started everything may exist somewhere. It may be impossible to know. Since we do not know, and may never know, I choose not to believe in it.

From: gumbyxcore99 | #031
i see divorce in this guys future

Words hurt, bro.

From: Icecreamdunwich | #034
I don't want to spoil your dream with a dash of reality so I'll just say: good luck

Well, we've been happily together for 3 years so far, and we both foresee many happy years ahead. We're both dedicated, trusting and patient with each other. We have a long distance relationship and only meet about every 6 months for a few weeks at a time, though I did spend two months in France during my last visit this summer because I'm taking two online classes to finish up my degree and I got the time off from work because they're very lenient with employees in my department and profession. They even let people go off to college for months at a time and they still get to keep their job, usually coming back during breaks and holidays to work.

What is this dash of reality of which you speak?
3DS FC: 3609-1047-7032
PSN: Marlouchu

User Info: SpoonSports

4 years ago#44
Testing analyst for insulin equipment.
Calvin and Hobbes - Greatest comic I ever read!
JRSC 1988 Honda CRX ZC Tuned & Built by: HybridWerks

User Info: kyomagi

4 years ago#45
cyberpik posted...
kyomagi posted...
I work for a company that supplies Morgue equipment. Oh the things iv seen.

Wanna swap gigs for a day?

Radio producer here.

I dont know man lol
Magistarkyo - PSN; kyoakuma - 360, 3DS FC - 4339 2637 1918

User Info: picano

4 years ago#46
Website developer / programmer for National Indemnity (though, a sizable portion of my work deals with Berkshire Hathaway's insurance lines)

But I do art on the side for fun.. see sig.
Shadow Kirby 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNj-HmieoMk&fmt=22 Watch!
http://picanogfx.unotaku.com 3D Art and Catgirls!

User Info: lostinhellview

4 years ago#47
Audio recording engineer. Good times

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#48
GT : DeadJericho / PSN : Focalpoint /
Correct terminology is 'Could NOT care less'. Learn English!

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#49
I work in Quality. I suppose that's why this place fascinates me... so much broken, and not a bit of it wants to be fixed. ;)

DeathSnipe777 posted...
I'm atheist/agnostic.

Whoa!... not the same thing, buddy. Based on your follow-up, I'd say more Agnostic.

wingo84 posted...
And if you don't like giving away personal information, don't be commenting on other people's in such a degrading way.

There are "rules" to posting on a message board, and the mods (try to) enforce them. That isn't one of them, so calm down, music man. ;)
"Hyperactive kids yammering on about "trolls" WAY more than actual troll posts made." - Wii U board, 11/18/12-12/2/12

User Info: plasmawisp1713

4 years ago#50
I'm a part-time student studying Game Development and I work at Ross as a Cashier and Recovery Worker.
That was meant as an insult by the way.
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