What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

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User Info: TrueBlue91

5 years ago#11
While it does have some significant flaws, Sonic Unleashed is so underrated it's not even funny.

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User Info: GuysSorry

5 years ago#12
Breath of Fire V, Valkyrie Profile, plethora of Sega Saturn games.

User Info: Rasputin77

5 years ago#13
Several of the Mario Parties. So many people just don't know what a supply of alcohol and some clever rules can do to those games... incredible.
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

5 years ago#14
Star Fox Adventures and Sonic Battle

Adventures is a pretty decent Zelda ripoff that gets alot of flag for basically being a Star Fox game in name only.

Battle, meanwhile, is just a really fun game in general.
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User Info: Linkums

5 years ago#15
That's a hard question....

I'll go with ExciteBots and the Itadaki Street / Fortune Street / Boom Street series.
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User Info: Megagunstarman

5 years ago#16
Chrono Cross.
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#17
I don't think I can do "life", because there's too many to choose from. Per system may be possible:

NES: Stunt Kids
This is unknown largely because it's an unlicensed game and it seems like the Camerica titles were very rare in the United States. In any case, it's basically a drastically expanded version of Excitebike. It has a ton of courses and obstacles, and the gameplay is very fast-paced and frantic. Most of the NES's gems are now starting to get the press they deserve, but this one still remains fairly well hidden.

SNES: Biker Mice From Mars
If you know the SNES library well, you may have heard of Rock n' Roll Racing. This game is basically the same idea but with substantial improvements in every area. Not only does it have way more and more varied tracks (RnRR constantly makes you repeat tracks, whereas in this game they're all distinct), all of the characters are substantially different from each other, moreso than in any other racer, as each has a different weapon and "cornering action". One character has a Mario Kart style powerslide, for example, while another uses an anchor to turn and one has a superbrake that stops them dead in their tracks. Absurd amounts of replay value here.

N64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
This is a decent contender for most underrated of all time. OoT is the game everyone talks about, but this game did it all first and better. It has a lot more variety and much better pacing than OoT, and makes much better use of the third dimension since you can actually jump. And of course, the Giant Robot battles are better than ever thanks to the addition of 3D graphics. This game transitioned Ganbare Goemon 3 to 3D perfectly while OoT lost much of what was good about LttP.

GC: Kirby Air Ride
Kirby Air Ride got a bad rap for being an overly simplistic racing game and as such many people passed on it when it was new. This was a shame, because even on the party title-laden GC, this is one of the best multiplayer games available. Sure, the game's super sprint like "Top Race" mode is great laughs with all of its crazy powerups, but the real meat of the game is the City Trial mode, where you and up to 3 friends race around a big field collecting ship parts and upgrades to try to perform the best at a contest which isn't revealed to you until the time is almost up. Of course, you can attack each other and steal parts, and there's dozens of world events that can shake things up as well. It's a very unique game and one with an absurd amount of play value.

Wii: Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
This game was doomed to obscurity by a horrible E3 presentation where Cammie Dunaway made this game look like a total farce. This is terribly unfortunate, because it's basically the successor to SSX and in many ways it outdoes its spiritual predecessor. There's no denying that the gameplay in Shaun White is less complex than SSX, but it's really been streamlined rather than dumbed down, the result is a very fast paced game where landing big tricks is still very satisfying. This game is also incredibly high on charm, the entire game is set up like a road trip, complete with amateur filming by the game's characters, and it's hard not to get sucked in by the ragtag band of misfits you accrue as you go along. Lots of content, too, with a substantial postgame component.
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#18
PS1: Choro Q2
Another perennially underrated series, but this game stands at the top. Choro Q as a series is basically like a combination of Micro Machines and Gran Turismo, they're hybrid-style racers with heavy car customization featuring cars based on Japanese toys. This one features much more content than the original, with an overworld, more parts, more tracks, a more stable frame rate, and it even includes all of the tracks from the original game as a bonus, giving it among the most courses in any racing game from this generation.

PS2: Culdcept.
This series could easily take the crown on any system it's on, though this one has the distinction of actually getting localized. Culdcept is basically a combination of Yu-Gi-Oh and Monopoly, where you summon monsters with cards to collect tolls from opponents rather than building hotels. The opponents can either pay the toll or fight the monster, and you can use weapons and spells as well to help gain the upper hand. It's an incredibly deep and addictive strategy game with a great single player mode that teaches you pretty much everything you could ever want to know about playing the game.

GEN: Alien Soldier
Alien Soldier is basically Contra Hard Corps + Gunstar Heroes, except 10 times more insane. The level of effects that this game puts out may be second only to Rendering Ranger R2 for the 16-bit crown, and it's almost certainly got the edge in the gameplay department. Epsilon Eagle is one of the most badass game characters ever created, possessing the ability to walk on walls, teleport, absorb enemy fire, cycle between 4 weapons, and cloak himself in flames for a super attack when his HP is full, and you'll need all of them to survive the brutal onslaught of huge bosses you'll face. This game was not released in North America and carries a high price, but it's well worth it. Alternatively you could just get the Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box on PS2 that contains this game.

GB: Legend of the River King
Legend of the River King is basically the precursor to Rune Factory, except with Fishing instead of Farming. Like Rune Factory, the concept behind the game is to use RPG mechanics to tie together two disparate gameplay styles (fishing and fighting wild animals) in a way where each relies upon the other, and the end result is a very addictive game, even if you aren't a big Fishing fan.

GBA: Craft Sword Monogatari EX: Hajimari No Ishi
The entire Summon Night Swordcraft Story is a decent contender for this system, but Hajimari no Ishi has the added distinction of being exclusive to Japan. It's also the best in the series, with harder battles that force you to fight and forge your weapons more strategically, the ability to play as your GB, and a drastically expanded postgame. Sadly, without a translation the dating sim bits will be lost on English Speaking gamers, so you might want to play the first two games in the series first until a translation becomes available.
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#19
Lol, I didn't realize this was the Wii U board and not the Classic gaming board. That post is probably too detailed for a board that moves this fast.
http://terosclassicgaming.blogspot.com/ - Watch me beat "GEN Alien Soldier"
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User Info: Crimson681

5 years ago#20
I liked King's Field 1 and 2 for the PS1 , and The Ancient City for PS2. All of them were underrated.
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