What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

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  3. What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

User Info: The_Desk

5 years ago#181
Urban Assault. One of my favorite games ever easily.

User Info: ajko000

5 years ago#182

Needs moar fame.

Minecraft being the most overrated.
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User Info: Pirate_Balthier

5 years ago#183
sigh... I'm gonna say it...

Final Fantasy XIII

sure, it wasn't the best FF out there, but I do think it's not as bad as many people make it sound to be.
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User Info: Sand_Coffin

5 years ago#184
Saw Twilight Princess and Chrono Cross mentioned. I second (or whatever) both of those. I played CC way before Trigger, in fact it was one of the first games I ever played. TP is my favorite Zelda game.

User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#185
Secret of Stars.
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User Info: seafoampheonix

5 years ago#186
Tony Hawks American Wasteland.
I LOVE this game, yet most people say its the downfall of the series.

I also like Starfox Adventures more than Ocarina of Time.

Rataouille and Chibi-Robo both have such a great sense of scale.
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User Info: Toxicum_S

5 years ago#187
Baha05 posted...
Legend of Mana

Hell, yes !
One of the greatest gems of videogames industry.

User Info: MajinKogahazan

5 years ago#188
Speaking of Mana, I never really hear mention of Sword of Mana
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User Info: Phange_2

5 years ago#189
MarioMan847 posted...
Sonic 06.

Literally one of the most broken games I have ever played.

I am one of the most ridiculous Sonic fans on the planet, I I literally couldn't finish it because the glitches and mechanics were so broken that I actually lost the patience to contineu.

And that's saying a lot - since I got an S rank on every level and mission in Sonic Generations.

Sonic 2006 is honestly so terrible that even a 4/10 seems generous - because that implies that the game is actually playable. And that's a compliment I can't give it.

I'm 28 years old. I've played games since I was 5. That's 23 years of gaming.

Sonic 2006 is the worst game I have ever purchased - by far. It is fortunately edged out by Ninjabread Man for the award for "worst game I've ever played"

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User Info: DetectiveKTT

5 years ago#190
Final Fantasy XIII
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  3. What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

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