The WII U will be Nintendo's dimise

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User Info: darkqueenhelba

4 years ago#101
My response to trolls; GET A JOB!!!

User Info: Negatis_Rider

4 years ago#102
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User Info: Gemini_Red

4 years ago#103
Xtreme-Void posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
Xtreme-Void posted...
leeko_link posted...
Probably the 900th topic about Nintendo dying.

because it is dying

You need to study a little more if you think Nintendo is dying.

No need to study it anymore, releasing their "late generation console" for six years is prove enough.

Oh, I'd say you have a lot more studying to do...start with english, that's PROOF enough.

Next study your history. Wii was inferior from the word "Go", and it outsold it's competitors. Nintendo handhelds have been inferior to just about every portable put out there, and still Nintendo handelds continue to lead.

Finally, study economics. Look at the financial reports for the last 10 years for Nintendo and show me how many times they were in the red. Now compare that to it's competitors.

The only thing you have proved here is that you have no idea what you are talking about.

User Info: WolfMasterZero

4 years ago#104
Does anyone remember Nintendo's last failed console, the Virtual Boy? How it was widely panned by critics and fans and how it did not lead to Nintendo's demise?

Now, can you please tell me how the Wii U failing will make Nintendo go bankrupt?
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User Info: GEKGanon

4 years ago#105

I thought the last boss on Skyward Sword was Nintendo's Demise...

::End Spoilers::
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User Info: petran78

4 years ago#106
I abandoned Nintendo after the NES and Gameboy. Strangely though they didnt collapse!
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