The WII U will be Nintendo's dimise

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User Info: Oxo_64

4 years ago#31
Sorry to disappoint you TC but neither Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft are leaving the gaming industry anytime soon. Sony may drop out of the handheld market but even that is extremely unlikely at this point.

Every time a new console is announced people always say it's the company's last, just like there are people who think it will be the best thing ever.
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User Info: Xtreme-Void

4 years ago#32
PrinceOfHot posted...
Dimise? WTF is that?

It will however be the Xbox franchises DEMISE.

you think Microsoft gonna swallow that?
Microsoft won't die you know it, they have money more than Nintendo could bargain for, silly man

User Info: oshawott4ever

4 years ago#33
dennis941012 posted...
Kefkas_Revenge posted...
Before the troll hunters come out, this is not a troll topic. I am a nintendo fan....grew up with it and have had every nintendo system. Nintendo is going to get their butts handed to them on this one. Nintendo is behind big time and they finally come out with an hd system that is right between a 360 and ps3 on graphical power. But yet there is no way the wii u could run halo 4, god of war 3, gears 3 or the uncharted know the games that have set the bars in graphics. This is not an opinion its fact and the wii u programmers have mentioned it as well. What amazes me is that Wii u shoulda had a revolutionary 3d mario title as their killer launch title.....but instead they give us a 2d mario basically a repeat of the one on wii and the graphics are not much better.......and the worlds are still the same. Zombi u will be a mixed bag. It seems they wanna focus in nintendoland and shovelware. The online community for games like call of duty on this one will in all likelyhood be weak. So basically what the wii u should be offering right off the bat they are not and in all likelyhood the big 2 (Zelda HD and the next 3d mario) will be another 1 to 2 years away. When nintendos new system finally reaches its potential and has its 2 killer apps, the xbox720 will be debuting with PC level graphics with halo 5 and modern warfare 4 as its launch titles along with fallout 4 coming out shortly after. Meanwhile nintendo will be stuck on a system that is 3 yrs behind. Im not getting the wii u because Nintendo is not giving the fans what they deserve.

Wii U between 360 and PS3 in power? Did you even research anything before writing wall of text? Xbox720 WILL NOT DEBUT WITH PC LEVEL GRAPHICS both companies are on verge of bankruptcy and many mid or low gaming companies ARE bankrupt pushing the power on console will destroy the industry. As well as price for xbox720 will be absurdly high whether or not price for component drop >_> All I get from reading this is you being a graphic w****

Microsoft going bankrupt? LOL

User Info: Negatis_Rider

4 years ago#34
Wii U Will be Nintendo's Demise? So in the future it could be Nintendo's Ganondorf?



"Im just saying Im pissed that nintendo is debuting their new state of the art system with a crappy shovelware title and a 2d mario game that has been done to death."

Didi you played Nintendo Land? No? So don't call it a shovelware just because you don't like it based on videos.
And New Super Mario Bros done to death? 4 games in 6 years done to death? It's just one game per console, didn't you ever heard about Call of Duty Games?

Go troll somewhere else.
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User Info: HeyZeuss

4 years ago#35
Kefkas_Revenge posted...
Im just saying Im pissed that nintendo is debuting their new state of the art system with a crappy shovelware title and a 2d mario game that has been done to death.

Play it before you hate it.

User Info: kakashik99992

4 years ago#36
I think you are talking about Sony son and sorry you are late to the party the PS3 already did that.

The Vita and PS4 will just put the nails in the coffin unless the PS4 make a miracle happen

User Info: Maciver

4 years ago#37
When you can't spell the word demise, everything you say after it has no weight! x

User Info: MichaelDeAngelo

4 years ago#38
Kefkas_Revenge posted...
Im just saying Im pissed that nintendo is debuting their new state of the art system with a crappy shovelware title and a 2d mario game that has been done to death. They shoulda delivered better.

1) The new 2D Mario game is going to sell this system like crazy. Their New Mario series has typically always done better than the 3D installments.

2) Which shovelware title are you talking about? ZombiU? First, a review hasn't even come out for it, but, it's also being toted as the system's killer app.

3) Your opening statements had zero credibility. Just about everything you said was incorrect. Microsoft and Sony are struggling more than Nintendo is in the game's division. If anything, the Wii U could be another Virtual Boy, and Nintendo would still be able to make another system.

4) There's no guarantee that either of the other companies will see a release within 2013. Nothing has even been formally announced yet. Consider that Nintendo announced the Wii U about 18 months before it released. The Wii U could have just about that much time to sit at the top of the spec ladder before one of the other companies take it over. By then, it will have had time to develop a solid userbase.

5) No matter how powerful the other systems are, as long as the Wii U can receive ports of them, if the install base is high enough, Nintendo will be in a better position than it was last generation.
Alundra is the best top-down Zelda game since Link to the Past.
Darksiders is the best 3D Zelda game since Ocarina of Time.

User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#39
Grossly misinformed or blatant troll. The fact that you had to say you're not a troll gives not away. Also being a Nintendo fan/owning all the systems doesn't mean you're not a troll so just stop. Also, paragraphs.
Fanboys are a cancer to gaming but Sony fanboys are a particularly aggressive and repulsive form.

User Info: vejeta

4 years ago#40
TC is right on one thing.

As much as Im looking forward to New Mario U,

No new 3D Mario at launch was a major surprise.
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