Wii U worst launch ever ?

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User Info: TonyGter

5 years ago#81
JKatarn posted...
MirageMew2 posted...
Only tools listen to reviews. I know I played Zombi U myself, it was amazing, and intend on buying it day one.

I haven't played the game so I can't comment, but that statement is idiotic. Most people don't enjoy throwing $50/$60 or more away on a substandard game, so they make an informed purchasing decision by using metacritic/gameplay videos and demos/rentals before laying out the cash.

I understand wanting to gain some knowledge on your purchases before spending your money but, as this thread proves, everyone's opinions differ greatly and reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt (if relied on at all in the first place) because of this. How many times do you go to see a movie that was destroyed by movie critics but you absolutely love every minute of it? Or you're told by a friend that a game is the most fun he's ever had on X system so you go buy it and you're appalled at the atrocious gameplay? My point is that everyone is different so the first guy I quoted here does have a valid point.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

5 years ago#82
See, this is exactly why I've always thought reviews are useless.

I just watch Giant Bomb's Quick Looks now to see fi the game's for me or not.
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User Info: Nintendological

5 years ago#83
Did the Panasonic 3DO, Bandai Pippin, Philips CD-i, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Sega 32 X, Nokia Ngage, Playstation Portable or Atari Jaguar suddenly get wiped from video game history? I'm sure any of those would better qualify as having "the worst launch ever."
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User Info: Awesomdor

5 years ago#84
Skywards Sword is just a mediocre Zelda game that's all. It deserves a 7.5 in my opinion for being a fairly good adventure game but I was very disappointed by the lackluster music, boring dungeons, mediocre world and so-so overworld. I was expecting the Zelda standard.
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User Info: Chuck4life

5 years ago#85
Bufkus posted...
gumbyxcore99 posted...

i'm pretty sure the very first zelda game is the worst in the series

You should be taken outside and left there in the cold.

User Info: Chico86_basic

5 years ago#86
Say what you will, but Skyward Sword is actually the best game I have ever played and I run across many, including other Zeldas.

User Info: Epic-ZX

5 years ago#87

Gamespot never reviewed the game that score and random page were fake.

User Info: MR_Smarty_Pants

5 years ago#88
gumbyxcore99 posted...
The motion controls were completely terrible and should have been 100% optional. Even then the game still sucked. Link to the past and links awakening are actually the only good titles in the Zelda series

This. "A Link to the Past" was an amazing game.
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User Info: Chonic

5 years ago#89
Bufkus posted...
gumbyxcore99 posted...
skyward sword is definitely the worst zelda game of all time. and epic mickey 2 was never going to be good and nobody expected it to be

i'm pretty sure the very first zelda game is the worst in the series

O_o *Rubs eyes and looks again*

Bufkus posted...
i'm pretty sure the very first zelda game is the worst in the series

...WHAT THE F*CK? I'd hate to hear what games you actually like if you hate the original Zelda! <_<
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User Info: Lordcrabfood

5 years ago#90
evecharmeve posted...
ya the 360's best games were cod 2 and kameo. doesn't take much to be better then that

Actually Condemned was the best launch title and is still one of the best games on the system.
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