Wiiu is not worth it now... But maybe in future.

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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#1
With a battery life of 4 hours... And a charging of 2.5 hours... It's just ridiculous. There's people out there that play a game like Cod for 10+ hours in a row.
If I'm really into a game like Skyrim, I could end up playing it for 8 + hours sometimes.

So for this reason alone, I'll wait for a better version or battery in future. Right now, I don't see games I would really play for more then 1 hour though, but hopefully one day.

User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#2
what the hell 8 hours in a row?
something is wrong with you dude

User Info: crowkillers

4 years ago#3
Does anyone know if you have to play with the touch screen..? I mean I don't see even down the road this controller's battery life lasting any longer than it does now... I know some games are definitely going to require it, but I can't see having to play every single game with it...

You can always plug it in while your playing... At least I think that you can...
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User Info: okazen

4 years ago#4
Im sure some aftermaket battery will be out soon. Anyway we used to play video games with wired controller all the time, remember those days with a multitap or w/e was the name of the thing to play 4 at bomberman. Ill end up playing all day tomorrow and I dont mind having my gamepad plug in while I play.

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#5
Can u take out the battery


play it while having the controller plugged in?

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User Info: redkrank1

4 years ago#6
maybe they will come out with a charging setup that always you to play while it is plugged in. like a cell phone charger.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#7
...you can just play the damn thing with the controller plugged in the charger -__-
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