What Wii U features........... .... are delayed?

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User Info: Jx1010

5 years ago#1
I heard Hulu and Netflix arent ready yet plus other things.

What are they?

And when will they be ready?
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User Info: TWADE2

5 years ago#2
I would also like to know

User Info: Finalnickname

5 years ago#3
Tvii is all I know.
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User Info: TheFlamingC

5 years ago#4
Apparently TVii.
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User Info: zaakro

5 years ago#5
Only TVii is delayed, the others are not
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User Info: spooie

5 years ago#6
I think Destructoid confirmed that Netflix was good to go, but all the other video-service things would actually launch in December do to a last minute update Nintendo needed to do.
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