Question for those who plan on buying the Wii U and are over 20 years old:

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User Info: Gotenksgeto

5 years ago#61
25 here. Getting Nintyland, Mario, Zombi, and maybe Scribs. And maybe Sonic.

Also, probably Ninja Gaiden since I heard it's leagues better than the garbage 360 version. One weapon, really?
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User Info: dariuself

5 years ago#62
38, Gaming since Atari 2600...have had most consoles including 3do ( Star Control rocked)
I am buying NSMBU and Black Ops 2(own it for 360 as well)

User Info: libatako

5 years ago#63
black ops 2
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User Info: realstar

5 years ago#64
33. Getting NSMBU and probably ZombiU+NintendoLand. I am interested in a few others but still haven't decided if I'll actually get anything else just yet. (hopefully there will be some demos to try)
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User Info: CI254

5 years ago#65
24. Only picking up Sonic Kart.
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User Info: blue_wyvern00

5 years ago#66
Ninja Gaiden 3 RE
Zombi U
Warriors Orochi 3 hype & Darksiders 2......and I'm 34.
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User Info: GigaVolty

5 years ago#67
Nintendo Land
NSMB2 (this is a given)
Zombi U
Tekken Tag 2
Wonderful 101
Lego City Stories

... I feel like I preordered more than that, but I dunno what else off the top of my head. 29 (30 in July)... But I literally buy and play everything I can (and I don't sell/trade in my collection). I've been gaming for close to 26 years. Looking forward to the Wii U, but not gonna lie, I'm starting to get butterflies in my stomach that this launch may be a massive let down. Looking forward to a better online experience with the Wii U. Nintendo Land not being online was already one mistake.
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  3. Question for those who plan on buying the Wii U and are over 20 years old:

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