***Please read if you cannot connect to WiFi***

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User Info: Maggot

4 years ago#121
Thanks for the help, but I connected this way and everything works except for posting in game pics to miiverse. I always get an error code saying I'm not connected to the Internet, but everything else works. Anyone have this problem or a solution?
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User Info: IcyGuy05

4 years ago#122

User Info: orangeumbreon23

4 years ago#123
This works for me but only maybe 1 in every 3 times i try so if i want to get a clean signal(for system updates or downloads) i go downstairs where i can be closer to the router. I want to set up another router on my floor then bridge the two routers but don't know if that's the best to go.
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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#124
This FAQS is only useful for wireless connections.

What about if you are using a Lan connection?
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User Info: Poweranimals

4 years ago#125
I tried this, but the ipconfig thing doesn't seem to bring up the correct information. This doesn't seem right to me.

Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . . . Fe80::a532:8d45:731d:79e4%10
IPv4 Address . . . . . . .
Subnet Mask . . . . . . .
Default Gateway . . . . . . .

User Info: GamersTavern

4 years ago#126
knightimex posted...
This FAQS is only useful for wireless connections.

What about if you are using a Lan connection?

I don't think you have to do anything special if you opt to go wired. Just connect the Wii U to your router via Ethernet cables and you should be good to go. Maybe you'll have to go into the Wii U settings to specify that you're using a wired connection, but that's about it, as far as I know.

Once thing to note is that you'll need the USB Wii LAN Adapter, because the Wii U doesn't have any Ethernet ports on it. I ordered it from Nintendo's website many years ago, but I'm not sure if they still offer it.
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User Info: CyanicKnight

4 years ago#127
Ohhhh I got on finally.. THANK YOU TC SO MUCH. ;_;

no really, I haven't been on wii u since I got it. :< thanks!
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User Info: levelmaster2

4 years ago#128
Me, all I had to do was wait a week and it worked like a charm.
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User Info: Halladay32

4 years ago#129
Okay, I followed the original post, but I'm still getting constant error messages and disconnections. The connection test always works perfectly and right away, but I haven't been able to connect to Miiverse or the eShop basically all day. I've had my Wii U for a few days, and didn't really encounter many issues until today too. This is incredibly frustrating. I don't have a problem with signal strength with any of my other devices, so I don't understand. Heck, even the update that was available today downloaded with little to no issue.
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User Info: ReZips

4 years ago#130
Very helpful
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