***Please read if you cannot connect to WiFi***

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User Info: Tidus9rules

4 years ago#31
mine ends in .10
do i add another 0?

User Info: darkwizard3533

4 years ago#32
ah thanks crazy. I misread that message to take it that it wasn't supported at all, I was wondering why it was even in there. im operating off 3 hours of sleep today my bad lol.

miri, as I said before your problem is that it sounds like its not pulling down dns settings when your security is enabled. use the method I posted earlier in this thread to get your isp's dns servers ip addresses (or as some have called them "numbers" lol). input those manually and you should be golden.

I know because I went through the exact same thing earlier.

if your having difficulty finding the addresses or understanding what im saying just let me know and ill try to clarify and answer any questions you might have.

User Info: Tidus9rules

4 years ago#33
got it. Wow..how long is this update? O__O

User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#34
so..... Nintendo, king of making everything accessible..... made setting up the Wii U to connect to the internet needlessly complicated?


I'm enjoying this launch day, I am
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: darkwizard3533

4 years ago#35
tidas adding another 0 would be fine. the idea is that each device doesn't share the same ip address or "number".

so if you want to use that should be ok since your computer was using

User Info: darkwizard3533

4 years ago#36
id like to point out that this wasn't intentional. this is most definitely a bug. they should patch it in a future update.

User Info: CycloneX65

4 years ago#37
For those who did Wii transfer, please help...

Ok, so got the Wii U on, updated, SD card ready to go. I go into the Wii U Wii menu, and click Wii System Transfer. It gives me the little 5 pages about the transfer info (blah blah), then says to click here now to connect to the Wii Shop Channel to Download the Wii U transfer tool.

I click it, then it simply says "You cannot connect to the Wii Shop Channel. Please consult manual."

The Wii U is online but seems like I cant connect to shop to get the tool. Wth?

Anyone see this issue. I have tried multiple times since around 4 EST.

User Info: SaturnX03

4 years ago#38
I am so glad this was made into a sticky, I was getting ready to pull my hair out....and I'm an I.T. guy....
"The mistakes are all waiting to be made. " - chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower

User Info: FryBender3000

4 years ago#39
I have a mac... Help?

User Info: RaRa7777

4 years ago#40
I created an account just to post this.

I have a Motorola SBG900 and I couldn't get it to work with the manual steps you guys listed, until I did the following:

1. Under the Gateway section of the SBG900 page, I had to also configure Port Forwarding, Port Triggers, and I setup a stactic dhcp lease. (not sure if all of these changes are necessary, but I took a shotgun approach).

2. Inserted the DNS servers from the SBG900 Gateway, Status page. Instead of the Google DNS servers you listed, for the Connection Settings DNS information.

I can finally connect, and I am downloading the update slowly. The bar doesn't make any progress for awhile.

Hope this helps someone else.
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