Nintendo charges $0.50 to register minors on Nintendo Network

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User Info: Gaming King

Gaming King
4 years ago#91
KeitaroYevon posted...
Honestly, that's a pretty good idea. I mean they basically charged the smallest amount allowable, but you still need a credit card to pay for it. Cheeky, but smart.

>Implying any kid can't just lie about his or her birth year.
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User Info: LurkerLord

4 years ago#92
It doesn't stop little kids from playing Xbox Live.

User Info: Infernisle

4 years ago#93
Baha05 posted...
DifferentialEquation posted...
It isn't the same thing, though. You know that you have to buy Xbox live and they charge the same price to everyone. This just seems really shady if it doesn't say this on the box anywhere.

But it really is the same to an extent. Besides the only people that know you have to buy XBL these days are people that did the research or have bought a 360 before and knows. I'm pretty sure XBL isn't really advertised as a paid service, I could be wrong about that but I have not had a new 360 since this thing launched.

But let's be really generous with this, say you have 2 kids and they want their own account but are two you, that's like a dollar for a one time activation. A dollar, are we going to really trip over a dollar? I think the only issue people would have is if it was the Duggers with their 500 children.

You only have to pay it once, then you get a pin that you can use to get every other kid under 13 in free.

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#94
Helmsly2008 posted...

LOL @ post #4 haha.
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User Info: Prism123

4 years ago#95
I understand why they are doing this(they are doing the charge to verify the credit card, and the transaction has a fee even if they cancel it), but they probably should have charged $0 and just ate the transaction costs for verifying the cards since this looks pretty bad from a PR standpoint.
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User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#96
90sRetroGaming posted...
Helmsly2008 posted...

LOL @ post #4 haha.

Dat face.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

4 years ago#97
crowkillers posted...
LOL.. How is this even possible...?

Is this for them to monitor that a child is protected online from the elements of the world..?

It's insurance on their part if/when the foolish parents of the world try to come back and yell at nintendo fo all those "impure" things their children where exposed to on the interwebs. They can say "Hey, there's a reason we made you do this parents. Not our fault if you don't care enough to think about why we're restricting minors like this.".
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#98
I can understand why people would be upset. People arent complaining about the charge, its only 50 cents. What people are complaining about is that they are forcing people to put in information on something like a game system. May i remind people of what happen to the PSN a couple years ago? People in general do not want their information on something like a game system that is easily hackable. Hence why people use those pre-paid cards.

As an adult it doesnt bother me. i dont have to do this so im fine with it. For families though i guess its nice. this will make mothers/father think twice about their kids playing online as everyone will be owning this consoles. thus all types of people with different ways of life. What may be acceptable to you and your group of friends might not be ok with this or that person.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

4 years ago#99
TrueBlue91 posted...
As low as the charge is, this is such a cheap tactic (no pun intended) for a bit of extra money. They're just interested in maximum profit and little else, which is kinda saddening.

At least their dev teams are still interested in making quality products, they're just usually given tiny budgets.


I'm pretty sure the processing fee for those credit cards is more than 50 cents. Or, after all is said and done, leaves them with pennies.
Isaiah 55:8 - "'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the LORD."

User Info: SomnusNemoris

4 years ago#100
quicksilvver posted...
Only people who care are kiddies

So 99% of the Nintendo fan base?
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