Almost EVERY review mentions terrible graphics, not as good as PS3/360

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User Info: breastman0

4 years ago#32
"Guys, ports always look way worse, come on. I mean, that's not true, but still, come on guys."

"But... Zombiu was developed for the WiiU..."

" come on guys, give 'em a few years with this 7 year old technology, they'll get the hang of it. Xbox 360 and PS3 weren't at their max power when the system first launched."

"The launch titles for both of those systems looked way better than Zombiu, 6-7 years ago."

"......God, the trolls here are messing everything up. Jesus. You guys... you guys are just jerks, man. You're just jealous. Damn hater trolls."

User Info: lowuw

4 years ago#33
Gamesradar had a video comparison of Ninja Gaiden on Wii U and 360, the Wii U clearly looked better.

User Info: zalak321

4 years ago#34
faris_ruhi posted...
Nah, more like inexperienced devs. Wii U is most likely more powerful than both the 360 and ps3. Probably will take a year or two for devs to push out better looking graphics.

Launch PS3 games didn't look as good as 360 games at that time. Took about a year for its first noteably good looking game to come out that could be compared to the good looking games on the 360.

Seeing as these games were made after 5-6 years of dev experience for the 360 and ps3 and that they're close enough in the graphics department for the wii u versions (with certain features being superior in fact), it tells you that wii u is most likely more powerful than the other systems.
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User Info: jmichaelbp

4 years ago#35
Wynters387 posted...
jmichaelbp posted...
TheFlamingC posted...
Uh. Reviews have been saying Batman and Darksiders look the same.

Yeah TC's trolling out his @$$.

He has to do something with his a**. His"partner" is too busy sitting in the shower contemplating the mistake of dating Xciteme which lead to his discharge from the military.

lol, I feel sorry for his partner.
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User Info: NintendoKnight9

4 years ago#36
SkriblZz posted...
Developers are not yet familiar with everything within the console. Do any of you remember 360's and PS3's launch titles and how they looked? Hell, anyone remember Quake 4? xD

PGA tour 06
"Tiger has never looked so good on the console. He has an impressive player model with lifelike facial features and realistic clothing. You can now see self-shadowing on the player models, and the course environments look absolutely stunning with new textures and detailed course designs."

"The Xbox version of Peter Jackson's King Kong already looks fantastic, but the Xbox 360 version gives its Xbox competition a good thrashing like it's a misbehaving T-rex. The game uses the 360's hefty GPU and memory subsystem to produce improved lighting effects and juiced-up monster models for an even more memorable Kong experience. "

NFS:Most Wanted
"Need for Speed Most Wanted for the Xbox 360 is exactly what a next-gen console launch game should be. EA has made illegal street racing even more fun by giving the game high-resolution textures and a whole new dynamic lighting system. "

And everyones favorite

"The environment looks marginally better, with improved textures and additional shrubbery here and there, but it's still very difficult to see any real differences between the 360 and Xbox versions at normal resolution."


"Visually, Ninja Gaiden 3 is hardly going to make your PS3 and Xbox-owning friends envious. In fact, Razor’s Edge is arguably uglier than its cousins, with bland textures and a bad case of the “jaggies” combining to create a muddy look that would’ve been called out seven years ago during the Xbox 360’s launch. "

"The levels are dark and spooky, but the game just doesn't look that good. Textures are blocky, zombies clip through walls, and there's nothing I can think of as a truly visually impressive moment in the game."
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#37
I have AC3 and will give it a go in a few minutes. I've played it on the Xbox 360 on the same TV, so I could tell you almost immediately if it looks better or worse.

Rumors are that it runs at a better native resolution and has a better framerate.
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User Info: DisgaeaNut

4 years ago#38
They are worse because they are shoddy ports pushed out to cash in off a popular console launch. I wouldn't read in to the ports as a sign of what the WiiU can do.

User Info: LaMafiacci

4 years ago#39
About how long do we have to wait until someone opens up and examines the hardware? I'd rather know the limits of the system than what developers have put together for launch.

User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#40
thats what happens when you have crappy incompetent western developers releasing ports/crappy games at launch. big deal. who buys a wiiu for 3rd party ports anyway?
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  3. Almost EVERY review mentions terrible graphics, not as good as PS3/360

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