Almost EVERY review mentions terrible graphics, not as good as PS3/360

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User Info: Emerald_Melios

5 years ago#71
jmichaelbp posted...
Emerald_Melios posted...
XciteMe posted...
versions for multi-platform games (such as Batman, Assassin's Creed and Darksiders II)

So in fact the Wii U is even LESS powerful than 6 and 7 year old hardware?

No, it just means reviewers need to stop being pretentious fools about graphics. If the graphics are in HD and at least Wii/GCN/PS2 quality or better, they have no justification to whine about it and need to move on to gameplay and story

No reviewer has said anything about the graphics.

And the Wii U Darksiders 2 review is copy pasted from the 360 review, so that part where the graphics were mentioned was from the 360 review.

Then perhaps my message should directed at the people crying over insignificant differences in graphics. Unless there's a severe drop in framerate, or it looks like an N64 game, you really need to get over it.

User Info: TheArcade

5 years ago#72
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User Info: vecryn

5 years ago#73
XciteMe posted...
From: jmichaelbp | #010
TheRaging_Gamer posted...
one IGN review mentioned that Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U doesn't look as good as the ps3/xbox 360 version.

But not Arkham City or AC3 or Darksiders 2

BOTH the Arkahm City and Darksiders II reviews mention the games on Wii U don't look as good as the 360/PS3 counterparts. Learn to read.

I'm looking at the IGN review now for Arkahm City, and it says nothing about graphics period in comparison between the two systems. So who needs to learn to read? Even half the comments on IGN specifically state they were surprised the reviewer didn't mention the graphics in the slightest.

As for Darksiders II you are correct, they do mention that the graphics for that one on Wii U look bad and how the reviewer thought it was very pixilated and like it belonged on the Wii rather than a next gen console. Since it's just a port though it doesn't mean a whole lot to me for now. I reserve judgement on the system until I see more from it.

Either way though, if they make a Metroid game for it I will likely get the system. If they don't then I may not pick it up so I don't know

User Info: MasterDarken

5 years ago#74
Who CARES what everyone else thinks as long as YOU enjoy it?

Troll topic is troll. Done.

User Info: TiamatKiller

5 years ago#75
jmichaelbp posted...
TiamatKiller posted...
Actually, IGN has stated that the graphics for not only Darksiders 2, but also ZombiU are not up to snuff with the other current gen consoles. That's not to say it's inherently the Wii U's fault, but it's naive to think it doesn't play any part.

Not to mention the general feeling regarding ZombiU is "meh."

^read the 9th paragraph for the graphics statement.

Did you read the "For a rundown of the Wii U specific features of Darksiders II, scroll down to the "Wii U Difference" section at the bottom of the review."

The review is a copy paste of the 360 review, here:

"Unfortunately, the graphics aren’t quite up to snuff with the current generation of hardware. "

Honestly, no, I didn't see the Wii U Difference section.

However, after reading it, the reviewer clearly states that the game looks and runs the same as the previous versions.
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User Info: SteamedRice

5 years ago#76
Been watching the live giantbomb stream of them playing all wii U games and so far every 3rd party game they've gone through, the 360 has been better.

Right now they're playing epic mickey 2 and they ran into huge framerate issue and said the 360 didn't have that...
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