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Not sure if I should keep it or sell it :/

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  3. Not sure if I should keep it or sell it :/


5 years ago#1
Got the deluxe console, but I am kind of regretting it. All the negativity here doesn't help, lol. To those that own it, do you like it?
They call me Appo.

User Info: WolfMasterZero

5 years ago#2
Not changing this signature until I feel like it.
Started on 7/26/2012.

User Info: DTY3

5 years ago#3
Just keep it. You'll regret selling it later.
GameFAQS users are far too sensitive.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#4
Your first mistake is listening to Gamefaqs for good advice.
Look a you.... sticking to the plan.


5 years ago#5
They call me Appo.

User Info: eddystolemyname

5 years ago#6
The negativity by trolls doesn't help?

User Info: 3khc

5 years ago#7
Dude, Appoop. Where have you been, ese? CEchat been missing you.

User Info: Omega_Black

5 years ago#8
lol You're letting the Negative Nancys win by even considering selling it.
The sooner you stop letting complete strangers influence your decisions, the sooner you can start living a fulfilling, independent life. ;)
Go where the games are...
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User Info: CarefreeDude

5 years ago#9
Id sell it. I mean, it goes for a lot of money on ebay right now, and you can just buy another one later and be ahead.
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heh, not like anyone actually reads these.

User Info: DisgaeaNut

5 years ago#10
I regret buying at launch as well but with low demand a used console will probably result in a small loss and the system will likely pick up steam in the next year. I'm debating selling if the price spikes before Christmas myself but if I can make any profit I'd probably sell at this point as well.
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  3. Not sure if I should keep it or sell it :/

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