So is it just gamers that mostly do these midnight launch purchases?

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  3. So is it just gamers that mostly do these midnight launch purchases?

User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#1
Seems like gamers in general are some of the most hardcore and enthusiastic hobbyists. I guess iPhones is another example but gamers seem to do this with much higher frequency.
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User Info: QuinnandGoblin

4 years ago#2
I'd say the iphone ipad crowd do it a lot more than gamers nowdays, lot more of those launches on a regular basis than a gaming console with the constant iphone/pads launching.
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User Info: Valkerion757

4 years ago#3
More events to do it is all. Its all fake hype by stores though. When I worked at best buy last year they did midnight launch for Disneyland Kinect... no lie.
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#4
I wouldnt say mostly gamers at least from where i am at. Like when the 3ds launched i remember a lot of old people coming probably getting for their grandchildren. if i remember correctly about 5-9 people i would classify as gamers (in the stereotypical way) the only 20+ people were just getting for their kids, or something.

For me i see myself going to them less and less. I mean i still enjoy games, just i guess its pointless to stay up till 10-12 to wait in line and get a game when i can rest and get it in the morning with ease. Although ill admit as well im mainly buying things online now as i rarely go out thanks to school and work.
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User Info: Reedeemer

4 years ago#5
Except for 5 or so (of the people I talked to) of the 20-25 ppl, everyone at the 6:00am line to get WiiUs were easily 25+ in age, lots of parents getting the consoles for their kids.

I was pretty surprised, you'd think these types of people are the ones that come all late towards the holidays and don't know squat, but the 2 guys in front of me were in their 30s picking it up for their kids and the older guy knew what he was talking about.
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