Who here doesn't have a Wii U, and why?

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User Info: Zero280

5 years ago#201
The only reason I don't have one yet is because I'm broke. fml
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User Info: donutmanstorm

5 years ago#202
I don't have one because I don't have 350 dollars to throw at nintendo. Plus, I have no desire in any of the games at the moment.

Waiting to see what is announced at E3 next year before I commit to a purchase.
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User Info: RedwingedMinx

5 years ago#203
There are no games out that I'm interested in. Even if there was there are only 3 of them. Zelda, Bayonetta 2, and a potential MonolithSoft rpg. I need alot more than that. Not even if there was a Tales game out for it would I get a WiiU now because they remake and port so much I dont see the point in getting the first version of Tales games anymore. It will (bet on it) just end on the PS4 anyway and it will have a new playable character and more story. Dont buy Tales for Nintendo. They will end up on a Sony platform with more content. (Symphonia, Phantasia, Graces, Innocence, Hearts, and I am probably forgetting some)

User Info: RyashaAkiyama

5 years ago#204
I just simply don't have the money and even if I did, it would probably go towards a 3DS instead.
Though I might buy Bayonetta 2 just so that when the time does come for me to have a Wii U, I can have something to play.

User Info: LanLan12345

5 years ago#205
Two reasons.

1. I bought a 3DS like one or two months ago and I am not wasting cash on a brand new system. I'm gonna wait a year or two for a price drop.
2. None of the launch games interests me. (Except for Nintendo Land and perhaps NSMB2, but I'm not sure about that)
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User Info: wolfy42

5 years ago#206
Because I have an Ipad 2, Ps3, Xbox 360 and Wii system already.

Honestly the Ipad 2 has already surplanted my Ps3, Xbox 360 AND PC as my gaming method of choice. The games are cheaper on it (even if it's the same game as on the PC!) and I can play it anywhere..while still having a large screen. I have the PsP3000 and Ds..but honestly never touch em anymore because of my Ipad 2.

So yeah, why get a Wii...which to me seems mainly like combining a normal Wii...with an ipad. Even if good games do eventually come out for it....I doubt I'll get one unless it costs like $100 or something after trading in my old Wii (which I havn't played in the last year). I still have Xenosaga sitting over there unplayed (Even though it's supposed to be great) because I've had to many good games on my Ps3/PC and Ipad 2 to play since it came out.

They need to seriously blow me away with a game or three before i'd consider getting the system...and they sure have not done that yet.

Between steam (And steam sales primarily), my PS3 and my Ipad 2....I could literally play games 24/7 for the next 3 years and not run out...if I didn't buy even one more game in all that time. I have a huge backlog of games...especially on the PC/Ps3...because I mainly just play on my Ipad now.

I plan on getting the next Playstation system probably...but doubt I'll get the next Xbox or Wii...just no point to it anymore. I doubt I'd miss out on many good RPGs that way.
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User Info: AwesomePerson99

5 years ago#207
I don't because I'm still waiting on Game Xchange in Tulsa to get mine in, I mean it's fully paid for so I technically own it, it's just not here yet.

User Info: Da_Isiot

5 years ago#208
No zelda till 2014, whats the rush?
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User Info: Jackal

5 years ago#209
I don't. Monster Hunter isn't out yet.
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User Info: kraven867

5 years ago#210
Getting mine when Monster Hunter comes out around March if they don't change it.
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