Who here doesn't have a Wii U, and why?

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User Info: Skyler0

4 years ago#221
I'm holding out right now, I have a brother who already got it, and we're sharing it when we both head home for Christmas.
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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#222
Could not find any, I live in Southern California so things go really fast here, drove to like 10 stores. I couldn't preorder, tried like a month ago, was too late. I bought the games and pro controller though, and a few weeks before I bought some cheap games on Amazon, so I'm playing those to pass the time, I'm gonna wait probably after Thanksgiving to go searching again.

User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#223
CrapFactory posted...
No must have launch games.
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User Info: CoolFangs

4 years ago#224
I wasn't able to get a pre order on one, had no money at the time. Hoping I'll be able to get one by christmas
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User Info: butterdpigs

4 years ago#225
Called Walmart that was doing a midnight release a week before to check if they really were and they said they didn't know. Called 1 day before the release and they then said they'd have limited stock but pre orders would go first. Went in store in person the day of midnight release to ask where the line would begin, the again said pre orders would go first and said a line would be set up at 10pm. OK, came back at 10 pm and waited a little over an hour with 4 or so other people in line. Till a worker comes out and says, " You all have pre orders right? Because we only have enough stock for those who had them ore ordered.." After that sentence everyone gets up and leave.

Why the flunk would we be sitting there waiting all that time if we had pre orders, Walmart? Think about it, it's the whole point of pre ordering so you can avoid the line and waiting. I mean I called quite a few times asking and double checking and they always worded it in a way that meant they would let people who were there at midnight pick up their pe orders first and then after serve the rest in line waiting.

User Info: Sid_Starkiller

4 years ago#226
I'm about to move several states away. All my money has to go into that for a while.
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User Info: Sol_Clyde

4 years ago#227
No money.

And even if I had money, I wouldn't buy it. I find buying a console at launch to not be a smart decision.

And it sure paid off considering the problems they have at the first month.

I'll only buy one after christmas, because importing during november/december means the government will steal the console I paid for before it finishes crossing to this country.
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User Info: DraizenDatain

4 years ago#228
I don't have it at the moment due to funds. Games for systems I already have take priority over a new system in general and I still have Xmas shopping to do. I do plan to purchase around January-ish, however. I NEED to get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
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User Info: FarMaster2008

4 years ago#229
Holding out for the PS4.
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User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#230
no money also. I didn't know it was going to be $400 O_O.
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~
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