Who here doesn't have a Wii U, and why?

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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#271
It has no games yet, nor any in the near future. I will probably buy it the day Smash Bros is released though.

User Info: KneelBeforeLoki

4 years ago#272
No must have launch games and there are other games for other systems I'd rather get at the moment. I may buy one next year when more games come out for it (Rayman Legends!!!)
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User Info: shinigami0

4 years ago#273
No interest whatsoever
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User Info: Favo52

4 years ago#274
I'm planning on getting it when Super Smash Bros is released.

User Info: paladinzio

4 years ago#275
No reason to get one.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#276
Don't got it, no money. If all goes well, I plan on buying one in March-ish with Monster Hunter. :D
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