Anyone got screwed over getting a Wii U? Post your stories.

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User Info: FlipManV3

5 years ago#1
I called up this home furnishing place(that also sells quite a bit of electronics) and said that they had two Basic and one Deluxe. I asked to reserve one and that everything should be fine and dandy. I come in 20 minutes later and "we have no records of you calling or have any reserves and the person you apparently spoke left before the time you even called, sorry, we just have two white ones". Pretty disappointed. I'm not the person to ***** and complain so I just left.
Since the person to ask for left before I even called, I'm pretty sure an employee is trying to screw over the person who I was told to ask for. Freaking bull.

While I'm at this, does anyone know when department stores usually stock up their items? Specifically Walmart, do they shelf it after midnight?
Blue, yellow, pink, whatever, man, just keep bringing me that.

User Info: FlipManV3

5 years ago#2
Blue, yellow, pink, whatever, man, just keep bringing me that.

User Info: snowwolf7724

5 years ago#3
you probbley should've pre-ordered at a more well knowen store like Best Buy,gamestop,Walmart,target,or Toys R us. I wouldn't trust a home furnishing furntuire store to pre-order new video game systems. I hope it all works out for you though.

User Info: Rasputin77

5 years ago#4
Kind of...

I went to Wal Mart about an hour before midnight, and was the 5th in a short line. =)
Around 11:30, some exec came around, greeted us, and said there were 4 non-pre-order Wii Us available. =(
But two of the people ahead of me were together, and only buying 1, so I was the 4th. =D
As soon as the exec left, I realized I hadn't asked... what kind of Wii Us. =/

So... we're led to the electronics section at midnight, and there they are... 4 BASICS. D=
I left. The other Wal Mart in town, I later found out, had 8 non-pre-order deluxes. O_o

However... my story from Target the next morning has a much, much happier ending. ;)
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User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
5 years ago#5
Ordered a Wii U from TRU online. They told me it would ship before the release date so that I would have it on Monday.

I scheduled a train ticket to go home for Tuesday, hoping I'd have the Wii U today to bring home with me.

Yet, TRU only shipped the thing today and I won't be getting it until Wednesday, but I will be home through next Tuesday so I have to wait a while. :/
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User Info: snowwolf7724

5 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure i didn't get screwed over,but right now is kindof torture for me. I got the WiiU Delexe set,but i can't play it yet. Its a christmas present,yes i know about it because i knew it would be hot when it came out so i went,and pre-ordered it with my dad. I have the system in the house with four games,but i can't play it until next month. We are leaveing town dec.21st for to see familey in long island ny. I'm hopeing i get to open mine dec. 14th. ah the torture of haveing it,and not being able to play it.

User Info: mattersville

5 years ago#7
Actually, I might have screwed someone over. Went to WalMart at opening. First in line (out of two). They had two white units on the shelf and when I asked if there were any black, the girl pulled a case from the back. She told us, "these are probably pre-orders but you guys actually showed up." So we both walked out happy campers.
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User Info: Baha05

5 years ago#8

Actually no I didn't even preorder it tbh, I'm hoping to get one with my sister if the restock is heavy.
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