Lost all my Virutal Console/WiiWare Purchases

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User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#171
SomnusNemoris posted...
Oh well if the teacher of a single class said it...

I go to many classes of many schools. Barely any kids say they liked the Wii. The Wii was mainly played by families with children in their pre-teens and old-school Nintendo fans.
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User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#172
So I bought a basic Wii U like I said. Say I buy a game or two from the new Shop, then I decide I want a black deluxe Wii U instead of the white one. I'll have to buy those games again too, even though I'm still under my Nintendo ID? It just blows my mind that in 2012 Nintendo can get away with this. I had about five Xboxs and a few RROD on those early systems. But you know what? Every time I had a system repaired my games still worked and they even made a license transfer tool. The way Nintendo handles online sales makes their entire "shop" useless. If you buy ten games for $60 a pop you're out $600 if you ever break or want to sell your system. I'm just disgusted right now. I made an error but come on. My serial number and ID is registered properly and I can prove it's me. Why would they p*ss on someone like me who bought all those obscure games? On my Android phone I can download everything I bought on my new phone or tablet with no problem. Xbox and PS3 allow me to sign in and play my games. I hope Fils-Aime is enjoying my money from his nice office.

User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#173
After I sold my Wii (that I hadn't played in 2 years) I did hear about the transfer process and it worried me a bit, however I did not want to save my settings, save games, etc. so I didn't worry too much. Just accessing my games is enough for me. I don't mind starting Ys I & II or Phantasy Star 2/3/4 all over again. So now they're linked to my Club Nintendo account but nobody on any console can ever access them? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I should have listened to people who said from the very beginning that the VC was a racket and it's better to emulate. It's probably better just to download the roms and an emulator on the phone and play through hdmi with a bluetooth controller.

The funny thing is that I was browsing the new eshop and thought it might be cool to buy a game, but no way. Retail disc or nothing at all when it comes to Nintendo products.

User Info: chakramstrike

4 years ago#174
Loudawg...I am sorry that this happened to...Have you tried getting a supervisor or different agent as one person posted? Otherwise the only other thing to do would be to try and sue. That is an awful lot of money you invested in nintendo for them to do this. I hope things work out for you.

and unlike the few posters that have no sympathy stall for you.... all I have to say is I hope something like this happens to you guys/gals so you know what its like to have to go through this that Loudawg is right now.
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User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#175
I guess I'll call back in a few days and keep bugging them weekly. I don't think I'm going to sue. Maybe at a later date I will try small claims court. I certainly won't be buying any games in the eShop channel and I'll spend that money on games for Xbox, PS3 or my Android phone. The good thing is that if the Wii U fails and sales continue to drop for Nintendo's handhelds, in the future we'll only have to deal with Google/Android, Microsoft, Sony and Apple, and 3 of those 4 have much better policies regarding digital purchases. I'm not sure about Apple, I don't use iTunes or iPhone.

User Info: stop3

4 years ago#176
If you had done some research before selling your Wii, I think you would've been able to find that you should have kept it. For every other transfer... DSi to 3DS and 3DS to 3DS XL... Nintendo has required both systems to be on hand.

User Info: snailien

4 years ago#177
This is a lot to read through to see if anyone has mentioned it yet, but contact the Better Business Bureau. Nintendo will not want to deal with them and you should get what you're looking for very quickly. It worked for me when I had a problem with eBay. Just email the BBB explaining the situation and they'll take care of the rest.

Then again, I missed the second paragraph of your first post. Sounds like an unfortunate mistake and that really sucks, but who knows? It's probably still worth trying.
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User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#178
He didn't buy the games. He bought the rights to play them on the Wii system he downloaded them to. Everyone has known for years that games are tied to system and there was no account based system set in place in order for Nintendo to do anything, they need the original system to make sure the games were deleted.
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User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#179
I tweeted to Reggie and Nintendo of America and wrote the guy who also lost $400 of games. Hopefully Nintendo does the right thing for people who supported their services and their third party partners. The least they can do is look into it instead of denying the simple act of adding points to my account for the games I purchased. Maybe they don't mind the bad publicity.

User Info: Loudawg

4 years ago#180
Thanks Snail, I'm going to contact the BBB about this issue. Even though I knew the games were tied to that specific WII system, with the launch of the Wii U I believed I could still access the games by logging in to my Club Nintendo account. I actually though the Nintendo ID would be the Club Nintendo Account. It just sucks I can see my purchases but they're just out there, elusive, buried under some ridiculous DRM. Microsoft and Sony at least treat the customer with some respect. Look at the RROD. They replaced my system every time it happened AND all my downloaded games worked and they even added license transfer tool later on.

So what, if I buy games on my white basic wii u but want to upgrade next year to a new model i can't play my games because they're tied to the white basic wii u?
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