Lost all my Virutal Console/WiiWare Purchases

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User Info: Limbic

5 years ago#191
Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale, TC. I am more emotionally invested in Nintendo than any other game developer by far, but I feel like the company is aging.

They have not shown much of a desire to compete on the digital-download market which is so obviously the way forward for the industry.
Paid DLC at release = end of games.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#193
EstabIished posted...
How is it his fault? Christ. Seems logical that his games should be his, he bought them. Sony, Microsoft, or PC dealers don't do this shady crap. ONLY Nintendo.

It's pretty well known that Nintendo's system isn't very flexible. Selling your own system that you put a ton of money in, simply because of unconfirmed expectations, just isn't a smart move. The only way to get DSi titles on your 3DS is through system transfer or by buying them from the Eshop on 3DS. You can't just redownload the games you had already bought on the new system. And 3DS and Wii VC games aren't shared either.

Expecting them to handle it differently for the Wii U is just stupid.
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User Info: Limbic

5 years ago#194
I also want to add this:

Instead of a Wii U, I'm getting a new PC this year. Every single game I care about I can re-download to a new system, no questions asked, whether through Steam, Blizzard, etc. In fact, I would consider this industry standard.

Please, Nintendo, let me love you again.
Paid DLC at release = end of games.

User Info: huyi

5 years ago#195
singhellotaku posted...
Enigma149 posted...
You had plenty of warning that you would need your old Wii, yet you still sold it.

You have none of my sympathy.

What a butthole

yeah, i wonder how they would feel if the same thing happened to them.
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User Info: rockymin

5 years ago#196
Fishbulb posted...
Wow, first off, that's horrible that you lost all those games. I feel bad for you.

At the end of the day though, you made an assumption that you'd be able to do a license transfer without having the original Wii, and you were wrong. Nintendo never promised anything with this and has never handled things this way.

Now the question is... are you gonna contact the Ebay buyer and tell him he just won the lottery?

I'd imagine the buyer has found that out for themselves right now. I know I would have checked out the Wii Shop even if I hadn't planned on buying anything. The person must have been surprised to see the Download Now button on a lot of games up there.
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User Info: R_O_B_Sentry

5 years ago#197

That really is sad. I cannot believe they did not even help you out on that.

You know, linking club nintendo accounts does not prove purchases. What you should have done was use the TRANSFER in Wii U. This would have taken everything from your old console and put it in the new one.

I own more games than that list! I am never going to transfer my data, is good as it is on the old wii.
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User Info: HorrorSindicate

5 years ago#198
This is why I don't use the VC any more.
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User Info: Shadowman621

5 years ago#199
Thank god I'm planning on keeping my WIi when I do get a WiiU just because it is backwards compatible with Gamecube games.
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User Info: Santaeid

5 years ago#200
I did not even know that Wii games are connected to a console. So if my console is completely broken I would lose my games? I ask because my Wii broke a few months back and I don't care to fix it. I had a couple of games I was interested in but thats it. They should still be able to credit you in some way when you have proof. Whats the point in being allowed to clear your data if its still connected to that system?
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