Lost all my Virutal Console/WiiWare Purchases

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User Info: lionheart5656

5 years ago#32
From: TastyKittyMMMM | #010
Kaiser499 posted...
You shouldn't of sold your original Wii, your own fault.

How is it his fault? Christ. Seems logical that his games should be his, he bought them. Sony, Microsoft, or PC dealers don't do this shady crap. ONLY Nintendo.

It is his fault. They still should have given him his stuff though. That's how the Japanese generally treat America anyways.
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User Info: xLexLuth0rx

5 years ago#33
Loudawg posted...
Look at those games I bought... NIntendo doesn't want to keep a customer with such exquisite gaming taste. It makes me sick. I can't even add up how much I spent for a glorified rental. Someone add it up! And while you're at it, add me on the Wii U... LSpear76

Now don't take my comments earlier as if I'm trying to say something like, "haha you deserve it" or anything like that. I'm simply saying that at some point, when stuff goes wrong, everyone blames everyone else instead of owning up to making a mistake themselves. As you said earlier, you just assumed you'd be able to login. That was simply wrong as you're now aware.

Does it suck? Of course. Does Nintendo need to step up their methods of account/software ownership? God yes.

I am surprised though that they couldn't offer you *something* in return for the loss.
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User Info: huyi

5 years ago#34
i really feel for you man, but please, stop buying digital content from nintendo (that goes for everyone especially on the wii u), you are only going to get ripped off by nintendo when things go wrong.

like that guy said previously, take this to a small claims court and get a good lawer, at least that way you will get the money back that you paid for, the evidence is still there on your account so you have nothing to loose at this point.

god forbid what is going to happen when people start buying full retail games on their wii u console only for something like this to go very wrong, people just never learn and stay ignorant when people warn them.
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User Info: Loudawg

5 years ago#35
I've got all those games and I play them on the PC or my Galaxy S3. I can even connect my phone to the TV with hdmi and play them with my Bluetooth gamepad. But that's not the point. It felt "right" supporting Nintendo and those companies by purchasing them properly to play on my Wii. It's the right thing to do. Maybe it's not. Those games are old. But I still respect companies like Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Konami, and all the old systems, so I paid when they released games on the service, just like I pay for Live Arcade or PSN games. I should have been smarter and kept the system until I was absolutely 100% sure of the Wii U transfer process. But like I told the guy on the phone, this is why I only play Xbox and PlayStation 3 now, because of stuff like this.

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

5 years ago#36
Honestly I would talk to a lawyer, you might have a case on your hands.

User Info: bp4Christ

5 years ago#37
Enigma149 posted...
bp4Christ posted...
Enigma149 posted...
You had plenty of warning that you would need your old Wii, yet you still sold it.

You have none of my sympathy.

Your post, and the others like it, show a severe lack of tact and decency. The TC has a legitimate reason to be upset, and really is just looking to be heard and have someone empathize with him; and instead he gets people like you who have no class or decency, who come in and spew their garbage and hateful insecurity and sadness. You really need to take a look in the mirror and re-evaluate yourself. You and all of the other trolls.


How, exactly, was I insecure? What garbage did I spew? In which ways am I a troll?

It has been known for months that selling one's Wii would result in losing all of one's information; heck, it could've easily been inferred that this would be the case from 2011. Nintendo only allows content to exist on one system, a policy that will presumably change once Nintendo Network is on the 3DS, but that would still exist for all of their last-gen hardware, including the Wii. Since TC's Wii isn't destroyed, Nintendo won't transfer it; otherwise, he could simply by lying, and two people could be playing the games he only purchased once.

Everything about your post is just completely unnecessary and has no point. This topic could have moved along fine without your post. All you really did was say that you have no sympathy for the guy. What's the point in that? Have you never been disappointed as a consumer, or made a mistake as a consumer? It must be nice in that consumerist glass house you live in.

The fact that you have nothing better to do than to try and make others feel bad about themselves, or down on themselves, shows a severe lack of immaturity, and the fact that you even do this shows you are insecure, and you do it to make yourself feel less insecure. People who are not insecure, do not waste their time pointlessly posting or saying negative things. If you don't feel sympathy for the guy, fine, but you don't have to say it. All you were doing is trying to bring him down and make yourself feel better. It's called being a bully.
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User Info: Loudawg

5 years ago#38
I don't mind people telling me it's my fault. It basically is. I should have been absolutely certain that I could recover my games. But I hadn't played the Wii in a year or two, didn't purchase any games on disc or download for a long time. When I looked up whether you could play those games on your Wii U, I only looked briefly and didn't study the transfer process. I don't even think it was announced. I assumed the issue was fixed. I was wrong. But it still doesn't feel right that I can see my game list yet have absolutely no way to play those games. You can see the Wii serial number. You can see the Wii U serial number. They don't have a way to transfer the license to my new console? Seems bizarre.

User Info: huyi

5 years ago#39
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Honestly I would talk to a lawyer, you might have a case on your hands.

yep, he sure does.
UK Female Gamer
PC specs: AMD FX BULLDOZER 4100 QUAD CORE 4.0ghz ATI HD6670 8GB RAM 1TB HDD Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/HUYI1

User Info: Sylar100

5 years ago#40
The problem might lie in the fact that Nintendo seems to not want to transfer all the Wiiware stuff to the Wii U eshop, Can't re-download things if they don't put them on the Wii U Eshop, no clue why they didn't.
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