Lost all my Virutal Console/WiiWare Purchases

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User Info: Bass_X0

5 years ago#331
Watch any anime?

Fine. Maison Ikkoku.
"History always favors the victor at the expense of the truth." ~ Rook

User Info: zatOMG

5 years ago#332
So SO many warnings and reminders on how to transfer your data.

Opinions on how outdated their methods are aside, sorry TC. You didn't follow the rules now prepare to be burned by the results.

What happened to you does suck, though.

User Info: GEKGanon

5 years ago#333
Watch any anime?

Fine. Maison Ikkoku.

The animated soap opera? Seriously? Eh.... at least the protagonist's phallus wasn't a demon, and his love interest wasn't an undead ninja robot.
Steam Name: gekganon

User Info: LunarRoar

5 years ago#334
While I do empathize with you, I agree with those that say you shouldn't have sold your console. Nintendo's ineptitude with online services has been known for years now. That said, it's stupid that they didn't find some sort of loophole for this yet.
Official Grand Master Assassin of New York (Assassin's Creed 3 board)

User Info: DropOut_NW260

5 years ago#335
What is happening to you is 110% your fault and not Nintendo's. You didn't wait to hear EXACTLY what you needed to do in order to keep your games. It truly sucks (no joke) but it is your fault. The only good thing that comes out of this is the fact you learned from that bad experience and you will never do it again. That's life man, living, making mistakes and then learning from them.

User Info: TidusJoshuaZell

5 years ago#336
I got an original wii from launch and sold it sometime in 2008? I too purchased nearly $300 worth of items. Back then I didnt know that your wii downloads were tied to your system. A friend gave me his wii and when I couldnt bring my purchases to that new wii, i just sold the second wii and gave up. Its ridiculous that your purchases arent tied to your nintendo account. I didnt have a wii to transfer my games to wii u. Nintendo needs to fix it. I'm not buying any digital downloads from them until they do.

User Info: Zenoji

5 years ago#337
So where's the email link for Paypal donations for the TC? I could also send him an old N64 with a few games, get him started..
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User Info: R_O_B_Sentry

5 years ago#338
^ saying that is easy, but doing donations and feeling sorry in a cold world where Nintendo is the god is out of comprehension.

I partly blame Nintendo for their dated policy and TC for not being cautious of it.

So let's just wish that tons of SEGA, NES, SNES and N64 games come crashing down onto his face tonight along with consoles. That'll make him happy but he shall also realise that he bruised from the mistake he made...

That shows my generosity while hurting him highlights the mistake.
Hi ! I'm Omochao. @_@ ) I'm here to help you.
Ah... My, my... <3 I foresaw your arrival, Mario. -- Merluvlee, Paper Mario

User Info: ferko420

5 years ago#339
what if he got another wii and tied to that one? that restore/link wii shop accounts?
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User Info: Lhunthangion

5 years ago#340
Loudawg posted...
The long, drawn out, sob story... feel free to laugh at me, sympathize, share my pain, or not care at all:

I bought over $300 (probably more like $500+) of Virtual Console games on my Wii system that was registered to me through my Club Nintendo Account. After I heard that you could play your VC/WiiWare games on the Wii U, I cleared my system information from my Wii and sold it to someone on Ebay several months ago.

This is where I stopped reading. The statute of limitations has long since expired with understanding Nintendo's Virtual Console / WiiWare services.
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