Lost all my Virutal Console/WiiWare Purchases

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User Info: phantasy

4 years ago#71
Is there a clause in the tos where it says that games are tied to the console and not the account when you buy digital games? If so you really can't sue Nintendo. Never owned a Wii but I would imagine some tos that you agree to when you sign in right?
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User Info: Dr_Jungy_Brogen

4 years ago#72
EULA... they are there for a reason. :(
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User Info: Ezero_De_Milo

4 years ago#73
If Club Nintendo was the actual marketplace you bought the games, I'd feel a little more bad. If Live will let you redownload games anytime you want after you bought them (as long as you're logged into the account that bought/downloaded them), then why not C.N?

However, C.N isn't the actual marketplace, it's a "VIP" thing (As Powerup Pro is to Gamestop). The actual shopping network doesn't require an account to log in, it only requires that you have a debit card or a redeemed Wii points card. It keeps track of games that you downloaded on that specific console, and will let you re-download them again if you delete them...on that specific console.

If the actual Shopping Network channel (let alone the Nintendo Network for the Wii entirely) allowed actual profiles (And no, making a Mii doesn't mean you've got an automatic profile compared to XBL and PSN), then I could see them retaining games for you to download on different consoles. The unfortunate thing, though, is that they don't. Maybe they'll fix that in the future so they can separate things better and avoid things like this in the future.

Unfortunately, though, this isn't much of a case against Nintendo. I'm sure it's even in their terms of service somewhere that if you sell your console, you won't be able to retrieve any lost games if you buy a new one. This is something you really should have thought about all around instead of thinking that being part of Club Nintendo was going to fix everything for you if something you weren't prepared for happened. If anything, it's something that you should have double checked to make sure before you took any action and sold your Wii.

Just because you assumed everything was going to be alright doesn't give grounds for them to compensate you, unfortunately. This was in no way an error on their part, it was an oversight on yours. This will just be a lesson to you to be more careful and look into something before assuming that everything is going to work.
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User Info: Venomscarnage

4 years ago#74
Loudawg posted...
The long, drawn out, sob story... feel free to laugh at me, sympathize, share my pain, or not care at all:

I bought over $300 (probably more like $500+) of Virtual Console games on my Wii system that was registered to me through my Club Nintendo Account. After I heard that you could play your VC/WiiWare games on the Wii U, I cleared my system information from my Wii and sold it to someone on Ebay several months ago.

I just bought the Wii U and set up a new Nintendo ID and successfully linked it to my Club Nintendo ID. Using my Club Nintendo ID on the site, I can see all of my past purchases fine, there must be like 50+ games there for Genesis, TurboGrafx, WiiWare, etc. However when I go into the Wii Menu of the Wii U, there is no option to redownload my games. I understand now that Wii Shop Purchases are tied to the console, which is stupid, and unlike what Microsoft and Sony does, allowing you to log in and play the games you purchased. I do not have the console anymore, but I can prove I own those licenses, they are listed on my Club Nintendo account.

Quite simply I need the license of my games transferred from the Wii Console (registered on Club Nintendo) to my new Wii U system (registered on Club Nintendo). I do not have the Wii system that's registered anymore so I would like that console removed from my account. Because I do not have the Wii console, I cannot do the system transfer method. I need someone at Nintendo to authorize a license transfer for the games I purchased to my new Wii U. If that is not possible, I will buy a cheap Wii and do it that way if necessary.

The Answer:

Well, I called Nintendo at 1-800 255-3700, and even though can prove all Virtual Console games were purchased by me, linked to my club nintendo account, which is now linked to my Nintendo ID and new Wii U console, there is no way they can transfer my games to my Wii U serial number or if I buy a new cheap Wii. I also asked if they can credit my Wii Shop Channel the points, or some points, so I can redownload the games. After being put on hold, the guy told me he pursued every angle and they can't even offer me a credit to my Wii Shop account. Nice, right? Microsoft and Sony look like perfect companies compared to the way Nintendo handles their online services!

In total I bought 76 Virtual Console games, ranging from the 500 point NES/SMS games to the 900 point Neo Geo games, and 800 point WiiWare titles. At minimum, I spent $380+ dollars and now even though I can prove I bought those licesnes, they're linked to my Club Nintendo account, I can't play em.

Good job Nintendo. This is why I switched to Xbox and PlayStation 3. If I ever sell a console because I need money or my console breaks, I know if I buy a new console I can simply "sign in" to my account and play the games I purchased. When you buy anything on the Wii Shop Channel or Wii U Shop Channel, you've got to keep that one console working until the end of time or never dare sell it to buy a new color or better model. The least you could have done is refund me some **** points. Pathetic.

Fair, next
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User Info: Venomscarnage

4 years ago#75

Yeah that's right let's just sue. Because *****ing and moaning is the key to getting what we want. Looks like the main thing we retain as children is that whining is the key to everything.
Host of The Dragoncast (http://www.dragonblogger.com/category/podcast/)
and "Press Start" over at BlogTalkRadio.com

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#76
Suing isn't the answer but complaining to Nintendo Support and asking for higher ups might help.
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User Info: metalXgear

4 years ago#77
A huge mistake, would have been more careful.
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User Info: MarioFanaticXV

4 years ago#78
Never buy digital if you can avoid it. All digital distribution is is a form of rental. Steam is one of the greatest cons in history. Kind of like social security and socialized healthcare.
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User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#79
I was gonna sympathize with you, but seriously TC?

You should know there was a Transfer Tool, yet you sold your Wii before you could use it.
You KNOW the Wii isn't future proof. I wish I could feel sorry for you, but this is your fault.
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User Info: A r e n a

A r e n a
4 years ago#80
Enigma149 posted...
You had plenty of warning that you would need your old Wii, yet you still sold it.

You have none of my sympathy.

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