Difference between the white and black wii u (besides space)

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User Info: slymshady

5 years ago#1
I know the black one is 32 GB, and the white is 8 GB. If I was to get one, I would prefer a white one, as I like to keep things white. The space I am losing, could I make that up with an external HDD? Also is the HDD used to just store VC titles, saves, etc. I have no interest in installing gams to the HDD and wasting space, unless I am absolutely forced to do so.

User Info: Drumguy

5 years ago#2
It's only $50 more to get more space (which is better to have available and never use than have to buy an external HD and probably pay close to that) and a game. Just go with the deluxe. If you don't like the game, sell it.

User Info: Ultima Weltall

Ultima Weltall
5 years ago#3
slymshady posted...
as I like to keep things white.

uh huh...

User Info: ADHDguitar

5 years ago#4
If you absolutely want a white one and just want to download VC games and save data, just get yourself a 32GB SD card. Much cheaper than an external HDD.

User Info: MrBanballow

5 years ago#5
If you're planning to buy any digital games, it's best to go Deluxe so you can take advantage of the DDP.


Basically, every $50 you spend on the eShop, you'll get $5 back. This goes for retail games bought digital (Darksiders, Mario, etc) as well as games only available on eShop (Mighty Switch Force, Trine 2, etc).
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User Info: slymshady

5 years ago#6
I would never buy a retail game as a digital download, which is why I am concerned with what other things would realistically go on the HDD.

I know $50 gets me more, but its about it looking esthetically pleasing in the living room, especially if I put the wii on top of it

User Info: mcnichoj

5 years ago#7
The mandatory online update is 3GB or something and Mighty Switch Force was 500MB.

Don't go for for white if you want to download stuff. Just switch the console casing down the road or put a sticker on it. Custom decal stickers are easy to order.
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User Info: 01Philip01

5 years ago#8
black wiiu is faster
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User Info: Heazie

5 years ago#9
I heard the black Wii U was bigger in physical size, too.
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User Info: MasterZhul

5 years ago#10
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