I honestly feel Graphics have hit their peak.

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User Info: HollowNinja

4 years ago#51
OP has never seen a PC game, apparently.
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User Info: ZeldaFan737

4 years ago#52
I'll be curious to see TC's face when he finally gets to see a videogame running in full resolution on a 2 or 4k TV.
That's what I think, anyway.

User Info: Oak_Tea

4 years ago#53
I think it's more accurate to say they're reaching a peak. The jump from the Atari 2600 to the NES and the NES to the SNES were huge leaps. Same with going from the SNES to the N64 (but arguably, the SNES era was the peak of sprite artwork in games).

The N64 to Gamecube saw a bit of a jump, but it certainly wasn't as noticeable. And since I can't compare the GC to the Wii the same way, the PS2 to PS3 was a relatively smaller step, and I can't see the PS3-PS4 being much larger, for example.

To say that graphics can't get any better would just be silly right now. But there will be a time.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#54
If you've played a recent PC game then you would know we haven't hit the peak...there's a canyon between graphically fidelity of consoles and PC's right now. Play a game like batman AC on the ps3 (got it for christmas) then on the PC (steam summer sale) at max...it's clear there is a generational gap even between the same titles on console and PC right now. Sleeping dogs is another good example. I bought it on PC with texture pack etc. and my friend had the xbox 360 version...the difference is astonishing. Borderlands 2, the same thing, my friend has 360 and I have PC and the difference is like night and day. So no just because your Wii U isn't living up to the impossible standards you hyped it up to we haven't come close to "peaking".
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User Info: cavebear56

4 years ago#55
Cymerian posted...
If you're not playing on a PC, you haven't seen the best there is to offer. The graphics cap isn't even up for discussion when it comes to consoles.

This. Easily this.
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#56
Console graphics have hit their peaks.

Also, there are computers that can run games better than their console counterparts that are also cheaper in price.

User Info: ciraMegaS

4 years ago#57
Oak_Tea posted...
The N64 to Gamecube saw a bit of a jump, but it certainly wasn't as noticeable.

WHAT!? Starfox Adventures looks miles better than a game like conkers bad fur day, and that was one of the last game released on the N64 when developers were used to its graphical capabilities. No doubt that moving from 2d to 3d is a big jump, so the SNES to N64 was a huge leap, but I believe moving from the N64 to Gamecube was just as noticeable.

Getting back on topic: Topic creator, Iook for videos on "The Witcher 2", "Crysis", "Metro 2033", and "Icenhaner GTAIV". PC graphics have FAR surpassed console graphic for years now, and it's only getting better.

User Info: ReDxVaLoO

4 years ago#58
Watch some Crysis gameplay...
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User Info: Soeroah

4 years ago#59
Element_Pearl posted...

I'd like to see a console pull some of these forest shots.

Goddamn, a couple of those shots look like they were taken in real life and slipped into the gallery. Especially that snowy mountain one.
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User Info: MyDogSkip

4 years ago#60

You don't know what you're missing, TC.

Edit: My bad, I guess someone already posted these.
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