Has your Wii U frozen?

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User Info: apocalyptic_4

4 years ago#11
apparently the solution is to turn off the wifi.

now since there isnt a option to do this you have to delete wifi info. i havnt seen any freezes after i did it so now im waiting for a patch.
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User Info: Someguy_13

4 years ago#12
It froze twice one right after the other in Nintendo Land the second day I had it, and has worked perfectly ever since.
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User Info: Jenniferwhite23

4 years ago#13
ya its the wifi ethier keep it off or change to english only in verse and land

User Info: Playsaver

4 years ago#14
only time i've really gotten good freezes is when i plugged in an hdd that the wii u reconized and formated, but until i put that hdd on a y cable it would freeze a lot.
The hdd, if your using one that isn't getting enough power, will cause freezes until it does. get enough power.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#15
Once during splitscreen Mario. Good to hear they're gonna patch it.
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User Info: COlimar788

4 years ago#16
Just once, when going between menus in the Mii Maker. It was an easy fix, if a tad bit disheartening.
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User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#17
No problems yet. Still downloading the update.
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User Info: dreamtheater33

4 years ago#18
Yes during the update it was almost done and it froze with a buzz sound had to unplug it and now redown loading the 5 gig patch
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User Info: yoshimitz707

4 years ago#19
Once in Nintendo land.

User Info: DeltaProj

4 years ago#20
Mine has also frozen 5 times (and needed to be unplugged). Two times while starting up NSMB and three times on the menus. Hope that patch really is coming soon.
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