The Harsh Reality of Wii U

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User Info: mhunterchump

5 years ago#71
uneedtowakeup posted...
"What's good about the Wii U? The idea of an HD Zelda, 3D Mario, and Metroid is good enough for me."

Sorry but I'm not going to waste hundreds just for a visually enhanced Mario game with waggle/touch screen gimmicky controls.

I want real innovation. If it was innovative in good ways like the Wii was, then power wouldnt matter so much.

If the system was a powerhouse innovation wouldnt be as required because new graphics and create new gameplay in certain ways. But it seems we are only going to get something a little better than PS3.

Nintendo failed in both areas this time.

Play a 5 player multiplayer game with 5 people at your house and then try and tell me The Wii U doesn't have real innovation.

Trust me, it is a powerhouse innovation.

I know your just complaining that the Wii U isn't what you thought it was but, like you, 80% of the people have only played single player games on it.

The Wii U has awesome innovation and most of the features you listed ARE innovative.

I understand you not liking it, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. but that doesn't mean everything you are saying is fact because it is not. And it also doesn't mean everyone else does, or has to think the same way you do. I know I don't, I love my Wii U just as much as I love my PSP, Vita, PS3, 3DS, and Xbox360.

User Info: Logical_One

5 years ago#72
Many trolls preface posts with:

I'm a big Nintendo fan and I own one so *negative verbal diarrhea* .

Your argument was WEAK. Seriously that IceCream guy and Kirby have better arguments and they are trolling for sh*ts and giggles.

Gamefaqs....the land where pokemon is the holy grail and final fantasy is God himself--Raptorleon3

User Info: Ultimate3DSFan

5 years ago#73
I'm probably not using the Web Browser, but I will use all the other features, that look cool. Most of the time, you don't even NEED to use the GamePad. The games look really fun, I don't see why a lot of people are hating on the Wii U.
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