I want a straight answer, is ZombiU good?

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User Info: HykCraft

4 years ago#72
Linetrix posted...
ZombiU is a FPS disguised as a survival horror game. It fails at both fronts. If you want a good FPS get Mass Effect. If you want a good survival horror type game, get Dead Space.

For the love of god... Mass Effect is not a FPS.
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User Info: RebornKusabi

4 years ago#74
DTY3 posted...
What I learned today.

Mass Effect is an FPS.
Dead space 3 is Survival Horror
ZombiU is Call of Duty Zombies (somehow)

To add to this, on what I learned today:

Jump Scares are apparently horror
Playing the game on Hardcore somehow makes you awesome
Saying, and I am paraphrasing here, "I win" at the end of an arguments means you won... somehow
Linetrix is a troll
"The whole ending to MGS2 is a clusterf***. The game was good and then *POW* La Li Lu Le Lo and S.O.P.A. for about 45 minutes." -hankyhank3416

User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#75
I played a bit of ZombiU at my brothers house today and yes it's a decent game.
I don't think it's a game that you will be replaying much 6 months from now but it does bring some scares and is very different from the other launch titles.
Don't hate us because we're beautiful...
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  3. I want a straight answer, is ZombiU good?

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