Why I can't justify the purchase of a Wii U ATM (Leave your fanboy at the door)

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User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#1
"Hey, guys! Let's not read the rest of this topic and just start flaming him! We'll call him a troll and stuff! Or we could blindly say that we don't care! Yea! That'll teach him!"

Anybody who clearly does this will not get a serious response from me. Now, onto the meat:

Why I can't just justify getting a Wii U at this point in time

1) I have a PS3 and Xbox 360

Yes, I already have these two consoles. These two consoles match the graphical fidelity of the Wii U. Sure, the Wii U is capable of more graphical processing, but only marginally. It's so little that you actually have to be looking for it to notice it, when it actually does shine.

The thing is, this very small advantage is just that, very small. It does not warrant the entire purchase of a new console. "Oh, I'll just stop reading here! Now I can insult him and act like I read everything! Everyone gets the Nintendo things for the games!!!" Just stop there. I have seen enough topics about the Wii U being graphically superior to the PS360 that it warrants this paragraph. First off, struggling to squeeze better visual quality out of a system coming many, many years after it's "competition" is already reason enough to be concerned. Secondly, he CPU on the Wii U is weaker than it's many year old brethren. "Gah omgtwbbq!!11, the CPU is just 1 theeeng!" Yes. The CPU is just one part of a console. But the CPU is very important when it comes to the oh so treasures gameplay you guys go on about. Do you want a large scaled battle, with many AI and set pieces, and impressive frame rate and visuals and clutter to boot? Keep dreaming. These gameplay aspects are dependent on the CPU. So the fact that Nintendo has already limited themselves massively gameplay wise is a major red flag.

2) $350, are you serious?

"Oh noes, he's done it now!! He wants Nintendo to go bankrupt selling thur cunsole!!11" Again, just read. Nintendo claims they sell their consoles at a loss? Even if this is true, it's such a small loss that it's laughable. This is corporate greed. If it's not greed, then it's extreme lack of care about competing. Sony and Microsoft take much bigger losses on their consoles. Why? Power. They know they can afford to make a more powerful console at a reasonable price for the consumer. What does power do for the console? It warrants more powerful games. Now all of the 'none poor people' that you guys love to praise here, will have one of the MS/Sony consoles, just like they claim they will, right? Well, assuming this board doesn't have tons of people talking out of their ass (lol, right) we should just assume they are telling the truth. That power will obviously be used, just as it was this gen, despite what people want to think. Do you really think technology isn't improving the ease of programming too? Ha. Anyway, the MS/Sony consoles will get the more powerful or graphically intense version than the Wii U, as they have the better specs. What does that mean? No sane consumer will buy the multiplatform game on the Wii U, is what it means. That leads to MS/Sony raking in more cash off of software sales, and consumers getting a superior version of said game. So the more powerful machines make still bring in MS/Sony the dough without ripping off the consumer, and Sony / Microsoft know that.

User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#2
3) What about the exclusives?

This is really one of the few valid strong points of the Nintendo consoles. The exclusives. I don't think many people deny how enjoyable they are. Everyone loves a little Mario, Right? Yes! Nintendo is chock full of exclusives. "Then wuts teh point in nut buying one?!!1" notice the title, "I can't justify the purchase of a Wii U ATM (at the moment). I love Mario, Zelda, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon as much as the next guy. Believe me. I think Zelda is pretty overrated, but that's besides the point. I will eventually be purchasing myself a shiny new Wii U. But (see my previous point) at $350? lol, keep dreaming Nintendo. As I said in point 1, I already have a PS3 and 360. All of these multiplatform (most of which do run or look slightly better on the PS360, honestly) mean nothing to me coming on the Wii U, as I already have access to them.

A grand total of 2 exclusives are on the Wii U right now. NSMBU.. I got my fill on New Super Mario Bros Wii. This sequel is most definitely not a system seller. ZombiU? Multiplayer looks fun, yea. But I have Dead Island, and I've never been a zombie fanatic anyway. Besides that, the game looks sub-par to me. People say the combat was purposely made clunky? That's ridiculous and their is no excuse for that. Don't tell me it makes up for the clunky Gameplay with story? That's a joke. It may have atmosphere, but atmosphere does not warrant $60 if you ask me.

The Verdict

I'll be waiting for a significant price drop and more exclusives to be released before I touch this console. For a PS360 owner, nothing the Wii U currently offers warrants a purchase from me. If you never got a PS360, more power to you. Grab it.

If you owned a PS360 and still get this at full price, meh.. it's your payceck.

At the end of the day, I may come off as snide and a troll on these boards occasionally. But honestly, the Nintendrones just get to me. I've had every Nintendo console ever released (excluding the 3DS) and am not a hater. I simply would rather not be robbed by Nintendo, and would rather not pay $350 for access to 2 games and toilet gaming.

Please, if you have plans of flaming here, just get out. I posted as legitimately and politely as I could to explain my view. Stop the hating on PS360, stop acting like you have a time machine and judging the next gen Sony/MS consoles, and I'm sure the board will calm down with hate. Nintendo fanboys are encouraging the return fire from others, and it's just not healthy.

Thank you for your time.
Dante Stormblade

User Info: ironmaidenfan70

5 years ago#3
It's funny you say leave you fanboy posts at the door yet your whole topic comes out as a whiny fanboy lol so sad
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User Info: Foppe

5 years ago#4
If you can't justify buying a Wii U, then you shouldn't buy one.
It is that simple.
Maybe it will have enough games in the future that will justify a buy from you, maybe not, only the future can tell that.
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User Info: EasterEggHunter

5 years ago#5
Not sure why we need to know this but ok.
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User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#6
From: ironmaidenfan70 | #003
It's funny you say leave you fanboy posts at the door yet your whole topic comes out as a whiny fanboy lol so sad

Nothing in my posts comes off as whiny or fanboyish. And you didn't read it anyway.
"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

User Info: JonnyBigBoss

5 years ago#7
Your loss.
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User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#8
From: EasterEggHunter | #005
Not sure why we need to know this but ok.

Why does anybody need to know how much fun you're having with it?

It works both ways.
"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
- Will Rogers

User Info: MINION9009

5 years ago#9
Did your buy your PS3 when it was 600 dollars or your 360 when it was 400 when they just came out before a bunch of price drops?

User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#10
From: JonnyBigBoss | #007
Your loss.

In your opinion? sure.

To me? Not at all. ZombieU and NSMBU is not a loss.
"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege."
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