Why I can't justify the purchase of a Wii U ATM (Leave your fanboy at the door)

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User Info: guedesbrawl

5 years ago#131
i see no need to actually explain this to a bunch of people you do not know...
Confession Time!
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User Info: lDarkdrak

5 years ago#132
Hey TC, I don't know how much time you wasted on that topic and I don't care. But exactly whats is your objectif by writting this other than to be on the top topics. I'm hoping you didn't waste all that time for no reason.
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User Info: Petruski

5 years ago#133
TC, sounds like you made a reasonable decision and I can't fault you on your choice. I am not getting a Wii U for the same reasons. I may get one someday, but not for a while. I usually buy new consoles at launch, but I just don't see a reason to get one right now.
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User Info: Sami1000

5 years ago#134
guedesbrawl posted...
i see no need to actually explain this to a bunch of people you do not know...

So whats this wii u message board for then?

Its for discussion about wii u. TC felt to have discussion about how he/she sees the current situation about wii u.

User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#135
Maverickneo posted...
3. Nothing innovative. Nothing for me to say "I MUST HAVE IT NOW". I mean, they have a "Tablet" style controller. Its like they are trying to merge their portable gaming and console gaming all into one.

They are, and it's awesome. Portables have certain advantages and are surpassing consoles in popularity now, so it's good to take some of those upsides and make them available on a console.
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User Info: guitarguy3349

5 years ago#136
Im gonna buy the wiiu (unless i get it for christmas) when i save enough money. Sadly i wont have it around christmas time but that wont be to bad because im gonna make sure i have it before monster hunter 3 ultimate comes out. Capcom is gonna shut the servers down sometime between quarter 1 and the end of quarter 2 of next year( I heard it was march btw). Its gonna suck not being able to play MH3tri but it will eventually be worth it because there is gonna be lots of new content in this new version. I also want a Wii U for ZombiU, Rayman legends, Super smash bros, New super mario bros.u, Nintendo land( ill get the 350 dollar bundle that has nintendo land included), and many other games that i forgot to mention.

I cant see myself buying or getting a wiiu right now because my family is poor. But I cant wait till i get one. I just played the Rayman legends demo last sunday and its pretty cool. I just wonder how many games the WiiU can actually cough up past march. Hopefully it will get better 3rd party support than the wii and gamecube had( they actually had good support but the 3rd party developers put together some really weak/boring games with the exception of a few). I hope the 3rd party games are way more inspired/put together better than the library of boring wii games they put together. My favorite 3rd party game on the wii was monster hunter(capcom mainly was the group that actually made decent games on the wii)and i also loved xenoblade chronicles.
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User Info: ikkicute

5 years ago#137
Luthor_ , wow nice points, really nice points, you must have rich parents or be a hardworking person to have all those many consoles and yet reacted by how much the Wii U cost right now that might mean you understand the value of money.

Very good topic sir. Maybe nintendo will make it cheaper when competition becomes serious, or some miraculous event, like when nintendo just want to sell more Wii U for odd reasons.

Anyways, for some weird reason, when nintendo release more old zelda games or even remakes of those . . . F*ck them! Their running out of ideas. JOKE haha, I just want to have a sequel to minish cap haha

User Info: LifelessBoy

5 years ago#138
GLDanzego posted...
LifelessBoy posted...
GLDanzego posted...
Luthor_ posted...

I can't post my opinion on something, and it's a waste of time unless it's positive?

Well then. If that's how you feel, GameFAQs may not be the board for you.

It has nothing to do with negativity. Can you read? I tried to explain it to you, but it seems you lack the intelligence to comprehend reading and use basic logic. Instead, the best you can come up with is "I'm not being negative, derp."

I can do a lot of things, but I just can't argue with stupid. I've tried many times and it just doesn't work. Oh well. *walks away from thread*


This guy gets beat in an argument and leaves the topic. Classic.

That's hilarious. No.....I stated that posting about not buying a Wii had nothing to do with the board since it's not actually posting about the Wii U. The TC misinterpreted/twisted that as me stating that negative posting was off topic (which is certainly not my stance, nor did I imply as much).

I tried to explain that wasn't what I was saying and TWICE he didn't get it. So, I stopped replying because reading comprehension obviously isn't his forte. To put it simply: there's no point in debating with someone who doesn't get the point.

Now here you come saying that not wanting to argue with someone who is incapable of understanding the debate qualifies as the other person "beating them in an argument"? That's remarkable. *facepalm*

Whatever you say, captain.

I just posted to see if you were still following the topic cool guy. So much for *walks away from thread*.

Gotta love it when you get them nipples all riled up.
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User Info: Squished_Mario

5 years ago#139
Luthor_ posted...
From: Terotrous | #208
Luthor_ posted...
Again, I'm 90% sure you didn't read the entire post. Does $350 warrant the purchase of 2 games? That's not even including the actual cost of the games.

As I posted, the price of the system probably won't drop for at least 8 months to a year. So it's not just 2 games, if you buy now you get access to both the superior versions of multiplatform titles and any exclusives that come out between now and the first price drop. If you're not going to wait until the first price drop there's no reason not to buy now, since it won't cost you any more and you can start getting those superior multiplats.

Do you know for sure multiplats will be superior on this system?

Do you know for sure it will take 8 months for a price drop?

I would like access to your time machine, if you don't mind.

As much as you make sense Lex Luthor, I don't think these people will listen...and that is why Nintendo is able to get away with as much as they do. People have a personal "connection" to the company and a loyalist view, so it's kinda like talking to someone with their fingers in their ears screaming "LA LA LA I can't HEARRR YOUUUU." Please keep in mind I purchased the Wii U and realize that it's lacking a lot of basic features it should have by now AHEM SURROUND SOUND COMPATIBILITY, but I digress. The touchscreen is fun and has a lot of potential but for early buyers I don't think it's worth it until some VERY worthy games release for the system. No trolling, no flaming here. Just giving an honest opinion. It was simply rushed too fast as I've stated in other threads.
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User Info: Stopthink

5 years ago#140
It's $300
imo for the tight asses
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