Why I can't justify the purchase of a Wii U ATM (Leave your fanboy at the door)

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User Info: MarioMan847

5 years ago#171
GameFAQs sucks.
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User Info: hypermoe

5 years ago#172
hyjinx17 posted...
Anyone who thinks $350 is too much for a home console is an idiot. I can understand finding the library lacking at this point(I do too) or not liking that your account is tied to your Wii U or 100 other things, but if you're whining about $350 for a home console you can just GTFO right now.

So wait if you dont find the games out now interesting, or lacking, whats the point in buying the system? you would be wasting 350$ on basically nothing? so by that logic i wouldnt be surprised if someone thinks spending 350 on a console they arent going to get any use out of it as overpriced/too much.
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User Info: benjamin3740

5 years ago#173
TC, I think you make good points. I know I'll probably end up getting a WII U for the next Super Smash Bros alone, but I'm going to wait it out and hope for price drops.
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User Info: G1243

5 years ago#174
Wii U sucks right now.

Nintendo is doing the same thing it did for the Wii, hoping it will catch on on wildfire once again. I don't think they will repeat the sales success of the Wii.

- They will lose on multiplatform games. Xbox 360 and PS3 already have a good online base, gamers are familiar with it's controller, and all their friends are on it. Gamers won't buy the multiplatform game on the Wii U for all these reasons. The only reason one would buy it for the Wii U, would be if the Wii U was their only system.

- Those casual gamers that jumped in on the Wii, don't really have an incentive to jump on the Wii U, considering the price point. Those are the people Nintendo are targeting; those Wii owners that made the system sell so well. The Wii is another reason holding back sales for the Wii U. Although the Wii U offers a new innovative control style, it is at the cost of a higher price (the controller tablet vs. just wiimote/nunchucks). The controller tablet just isn't as new and exciting as when motion controls for the Wii was. This partly due to the consumers being already familiar with tablets (iPad, etc), and simply that integrating tablet functionalities into gaming does not have much potential (as seen yet, and IMO won't ever be as 'next level' or essential).

- Nintendo seems content to be the console where crap bargain-bin games go to. They did a good move securing Bayonetta 2 I have to give them that, but they will need more exclusive to win this console war. Make no mistake, the Wii U is NOT next-gen; it is competing with the Xbox 360 and PS3. IMO it is too little too late; if they had released the Wii U earlier to compete, it would still have a chance.

= Wii U is fighting a losing battle trying to gain ground in the current gen of consoles; won't win fight to win it's share with multiplatform games.
= Wii U innovation won't have as great as an impact as Wii. I believe the tablet gaming won't be enough to lure a consumer to purchase a multiplatform game on the Wii U over the well established Xbox360/PS3 counterparts
= EXCLUSIVES will be the key to the Wii U's success (and if they can really implement the tablet in these exclusives, and show how 'necessary' it is, then that will boost the success of the system).
However, as we have seen with the Wii, exclusive triple-A quality games were few and far in-between. Wii U will not pick up steam until it has a greater library of these titles, and by then a price cut will reduce the system by $50.

Only then will the Wii U be worth the price. I predict this won't be until late 2013, to the middle of 2014. By this time, the next consoles will release, and as an alternative, the Wii U and it's then-current library will look enticing.
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User Info: blazingsonic

5 years ago#175
MarioMan847 posted...
GameFAQs sucks.


As for the topic I want two first games New Super Mario U and Rayman Legends, since Legends will be late I'll wait for after Chrismas to roll by then get a Wii U once all the retailers and people calm down.
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User Info: LordBowser

5 years ago#176
1. What a waste of money. Get a gaming PC. There's no reason to buy every current gen console, it's, again, a massive waste of money that could be better spent.

2. It's really not that much, but sure. $350 includes an excellent game worth 10 dollars more if bought separately, but if you feel it's too expensive then feel free to buy the cheaper $300 one.

3. Then wait for more first party titles to come out. That's your choice. I really don't care what you choose to do. For me, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U alone are amazing and worth purchasing the Wii U now. I haven't regretted it for a second.

I disagree with your opinion but you're entitled to your own. Sorry, though, if I don't care about it.
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User Info: PsyrenCall

5 years ago#177
My reason against getting one is very simple; no game interests me as of yet. I'm sure that'll change come E3, but for now, it's too expensive of a luxury that doesn't really interest me.
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User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#178
Nobody cares why you can't justify the purchase of a Wii U at the moment, TC.
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User Info: Mrkjschmidt

5 years ago#179
i know i'm a nintendo fanboy, i'll get the Wii U, i've had every nintendo console. i've also owned all playstation consoles. nintendo has their awesome games, so do the others. i'll never own a 360 cuz i don't like microsoft. all a matter of opinion. and right now, most opinions don't matter.
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User Info: TKDBoy1889

5 years ago#180
JonnyBigBoss posted...
Your loss.
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