Why I can't justify the purchase of a Wii U ATM (Leave your fanboy at the door)

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User Info: Luthor_

4 years ago#71
From: dominatinggamer | #305
I was *this close* to selling my preorder but decided against it. I can tell you why I am keeping it:

1) tablet controller: the possibilities are amazing and I've only played Nintendo Land with it so far

2) internet browser on tablet: my GF can watch tv and I can play around on the internet on the controller - quickly switch the tv input via the controller - and show her pictures of puppies and kittens (just an example, but that did happen lol)

3) wii backwards compatibility: as previously stated I have only played one wiiU game (Nintendo Land) and otherwise I've played Monster Hunter Tri (a wii game). I have a crap ton of games from wii I can play and buy them at bottom of the barrel prices

4) media streaming device: have netflix/hulu plus/amazon instead? You can stream them through the wiiU

5) wiitvii: its not here yet but I'm excited for it to launch

6) miiverse: its pretty cool to instantly see peoples questions/thoughts/complaints about the WiiU and specific games. Has a lot of potential.

7) nintendo exclusives: notice I put this far on the list because there isn't much pickings at this time but we know they are coming (zelda, metroid, megaman?, pikmin, etc)

8) ultimate party gaming system - i havent done any gaming parties myself but this definitely has the ability to be a central focus to "game nights" and the like. It has the casual games that my GF and her friends would play, and the more "hardcore" games that I can dig into.

I had a xbox360 and never used it so I sold it to buy this. The exclusives were meh to me and I found myself buying those games on the PC anyways or skipping them entirely. We do still have a PS3 but only use it for playing DVD/Blu-Rays. WiiU has reinvigorated my consoling gaming.

These are all very good reasons, but myself, I can't see myself making use of many of them compared to you.
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User Info: KojaxFX

4 years ago#73
Your points make sense, but simply just don't buy it, one buyer doesn't matter to Nintendo, or the community. I frankly don't like Nintendo products, I prefer Sony stuff, thats why i won't buy wii-u.

User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#74
yeah but what if you resell them and actually make money? ever thought of that?
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User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#75
point 1 is opinion only and as this thread is your opinion than I'll accept it. IMO you buy a Wii U for the same reason you bought a Wii. you either like the motion controls and nintendo games or you don't, for the Wii U it's the tablet and the nintendo games.

point 2 is crap. $350 is pretty cheap for a console and considering I can easily find one for $300 it's really not that bad at all.

I can accept anyone who doesn't want to buy a Wii U right now, I'm not getting one until I find a decent deal or a few more games that I like myself, I'd take the premium/deluxe version If I could find one but until something like that or a decent game happens I'm not going to get one. But complaining about a rather cheap price is going to do only one thing to the consoles, force themselves to make the consoles even worse than they already are to make them cheaper.

$350 for a system that has the power of a console(sure not a console that will be as powerful as the new PS or XBOX but still more powerful than a handheld or a phone) and that has a creative new control interface is well picking at straws. Sure everyone would love to be able to buy things for cheaper but eventually we have to realize that when we want a cheaper price we are also going to get a cheaper product.

User Info: smajda85

4 years ago#76
The only reason I got one is because I'm a huge Mario fanboy. Other than that - the other consoles should keep you busy until you find something to play on this that's worth your dollar. Enjoy your decision!

User Info: TiamatKiller

4 years ago#77
IGN had an article with a statement from Nintendo stating that as soon as a consumer buys a game (along with the Wii U of course), they make a profit.

I would HARDLY say that Nintendo is selling the console at a loss with margins that close.
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User Info: cvmckenzie

4 years ago#78
I will never understand why people like tc feel it necessary to share, what amount to be, anti wiiu statements on the wiiu board. Hell, Tc's posts themselves are written in such a way as to consistently acknowledge that his opinions really have no productive place here to start with.

If youre so captivated with your own decision to not buy a toy that many people have grown quite fond of, for the time being, why not post that and be done with it? Why spend all that time defending accusations that youre not being accused of WHILE youre trying to convince everyone else that theyre the ones whove made a mistake with THEIR investments?

On the same token, i could say that the first xbox wasnt worth it cuz all it had was halo, 360 was a waste because it took a year for gow and oblivion to come out and the ps3 was a terrible buy until you could get uncharted, resistance and mgs4 on the same trip to gamestop...but i don't because what other people do with their money, when they do it and why is none of my business. arguing otherwise is pointless.

Tc, If you're broke and dont want a wii u, great. If youre rich and dont see the wii u's appeal, fabulous. Spend your time on another board and let the people that disagree with you enjoy their purchase with others that are doing the same. Registering your personal disgust as thoroughly as you have, on a board thats supposed to function as a gathering place for those that inherently disagree with your statements, really just proves that your consoles of choice arent capable of providing your freetime with the superior alternatives your tone's implying they can.
Don't be that guy that's like those guys. It's in poor taste.

User Info: SkriblZz

4 years ago#79
Hey, there are regrets on my end, too. I understand the hardware cost, due to the controller itself. I do however have faith that once devs start recognizing the potential of the hardware and break it in, the quality of games are going to be substantially higher. For example, I want my freaking games to play at 60 fps if they are native at 720p. If you can't make a console to run games natively at 1080p, then let's push to have 60fps.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#80
Luthor_ posted...
Do you know for sure multiplats will be superior on this system?

Do you know for sure it will take 8 months for a price drop?

You posted in your OP that Wii U had the advantage for multiplats due to graphics, but even if they didn't, with the off-TV play and the extra gamepad features it seems fairly clear they will be.

As for the price drop? That's simple trend analysis. 3DS took about 6 months to drop, which was considered unusually quick. The systems typically fall after 8 months to one year.
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