New Super Mario Bros U vs Super Mario Bros. 3

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User Info: AXKSION

5 years ago#31
XWolfO posted...
AXKSION posted...
*puts on the NSMBu soundtrack*

baaah baah baah baah baah

baah baah baah baah baah

bahh bahh

baahh bahh bahh bahh

Oh, listen to those groovalicious tunes, man, far out!

You had to take it that far, didn't you? You win, sir. Well played.

I apologize for having to stoop so low with those tactics. Say "hi" to your 2012 World Champions: The San Francisco Giants!!!!

User Info: Ragnarokxv

5 years ago#32
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Ragnarokxv posted...
Super Mario Bros. 3 is and will always be the best Mario game ever made. I am godlike at that game.

I'm sure a lot of people are, all you have to do is jump on top of turtles.

Yeah and in counter-strike you just put the cursor on someone's head and click the mouse button.
Did I say that, or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me??

User Info: sloth927

5 years ago#33
nsmbu is the best of the nsmb series comparing it with mario 3 smw is kinda hard to do because there are some different mechanics to it but id rank the 2d marios like this smb3>smw=nsmbu>nsmb>nsmbwii>nsmb2>smb=lost levels
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User Info: d0minicandude

5 years ago#34
SMW > SMB3 > NSMBU>>>>>>>>>>NSMBWii>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NSMB(DS and 3DS)

User Info: DeltaProj

5 years ago#35
I love Mario 3, and Mario World is one of my favorite SNES games, period. That said, I think that NSMBU is better than both of them.

It looks great on the Wii U, the levels are nicely designed, and the flying squirrel suit isn't just a carbon copy of the raccoon tail (as I had expected it to be).

Is it a lot like the other NSMB games? Yes. Is it the exact same thing? NO. I never thought I'd see a day where people so actively complained about the release of a 2D Mario, especially when there's only one per console.
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User Info: DarthBadger

5 years ago#36
As games in general, NSMB and SMB3 are both fun, however in terms of platforming, SMB3 crushes NSMB.

The platforming in the NSMB games simply makes me want to puke when thinking how I could zip around from platform to platform with tight and accurate controls and how sloppy and frictionless the NSMB games feel by comparison.

Nostalgia would tell me SMB3 is better, but having recently played and beaten it again, I can say it's not as great as it used to be (although at the time it was leaps ahead of any other game).

But which game is the best overall, nostalgia aside?

Yoshi's Island. Unique, innovative, beautiful artwork, great soundtrack, and awesome levels. If only you could just strangle the **** out of Baby Mario...
"They don't think it be like it is, but it do." - Oscar Gamble
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User Info: Ragnarokxv

5 years ago#37
I understand if someone favors world over 3.

I have my SNES set up with super mario all stars + world. That is all I need.
Did I say that, or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me??

User Info: Banjo2553

5 years ago#38
New Super Mario Bros. U could've been a lot better if they had bothered to actually use completely new music for the entirety of the game. But even still, I'm enjoying it immensely because it reminds me a lot of Super Mario World, my favorite 2D Mario.

I still don't think it beats it though. There needs to be a bit more "freedom" in like the sheer number of alternate exits and choosing your own path through the world, so to speak.
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

5 years ago#39
Mario Bros 3 is still my favorite 2D mario, so I choose that.

However, IMO the best Mario platformer overall is Super Mario Galaxy (Both of them since I consider 2 to just be an extension of 1).
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User Info: goothgone514

5 years ago#40
AXKSION posted...
Super Mario Bros 3 is the very best main 2D Mario ever made.

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