Why do you buy consoles?

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User Info: sloth927

5 years ago#1
I personally buy them almost only for the exclusives i buy nintendo consoles for there exclusive games i buy playstation and xbox consoles for the same reason, if i want something to look pretty i just get it on my pc what about you?
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

5 years ago#2
simple answer cause i dont like gaming on a pc.
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User Info: desert_santa

5 years ago#3
FFXIgaiaknight posted...
simple answer cause i dont like gaming on a pc.

mostly this

i do play the odd exclusive on the pc though, because it's still the best for point & click adventures

User Info: k925457

5 years ago#4
because it makes the tv go shiny and fun pc not so much

User Info: TAoR

5 years ago#5
I typically buy consoles for their exclusives nowadays. Everything else I get for pc.
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User Info: Xechs

5 years ago#6
you pretty much answered your question, it's exclusives. As much as I love PC gaming there are lots of console only games (yeah yeah until someone figure out how to emulate). Some of my fav games this gen are metroid prime trilogy, Dark souls, valkyria chronicles vanquish and bayonetta, blazblue and all those are console or handheld exclusive beside dark souls. In fact a lot of japanese style games are console exclusive. So if you love nintendo, atlus, FF, GT, or games like shadows of collosus or other japanese made games they are practically console exclusive. I wish more of these were on PC or steam like the old days, seems only capcom and sega small selection are on PC.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

5 years ago#7
always loved consoles, always will. i'm just not a pc player.

User Info: Luthor_

5 years ago#8
I really hate PC gaming.

You lose comfort just for graphics and the occasional worth using mod.

Also, when I play games, I want to put them in the console and start playing. Not expect to solve errors or bother upgrading ever so often. I want a secure 5+ years of just buying games and not so much hardware.
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User Info: Godly_Goof

5 years ago#9
1) to get a decent gaming PC it'd run me about $700+ give or take that I just don't want to have to spend. Not to mention if I have to upgrade it for something.

2) When I buy a game for a system it'll work 100% guaranteed, no BS my video card driver isn't compatible or my processor is a little to slow or some other BS.

3) Frankly consoles get about 100 times more games then PC does and all my favorite franchises and developers only do work for consoles

4) Because the only games I tend to actually want for PC all require Internet some or all the time and I just don't want to always have to be on it :/ I'm looking at you Diablo 3!

5) because consoles fail a lot less than my PCs do >.>, and I don't constantly have to reformat them for comparability if I need to buy something for them :/
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User Info: guedesbrawl

5 years ago#10
because games.why else?
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